The White Witch of Jamaica

The White Witch of Jamaica

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the legend of Annie Palmer – also known as the White Witch of Jamaica…

The White Witch of Rose Hall

Rose Hall is an impressive Georgian mansion that sits on the coast of Montego Bay. Built sometime in the 1770’s – the property ended up in the hands of John Palmer (who inherited it from his uncle).

When Palmer received the property it was already an incredibly successful sugar plantation, having over 2000 slaves working its fields.

Annie Patterson

Born in Haiti in the late 1700’s – Annie Patterson’s life took a dramatic turn for the worse when both her parents died of yellow fever when she was about six years old.

The family’s caretaker decided to stand up and take Annie under her wing…this caretaker was also an expert in voodoo.

All through her childhood Annie was taught the traditions and exercises of voodoo – she became highly skilled in the subject.

Unfortunately, at this period in history, Haiti was bogged down in various revolutions and wars – Annie decided to try everything in her power to leave the country.

It was around this point in time that she crossed paths with John Palmer.

Within months she had married Palmer and he had whisked her out of Haiti, back to his home in Jamaica.

No Fairytale Romance

So Annie had finally managed to leave Haiti…but had she jumped out of the frying pan into the fire?

his home in Jamaica

There was no fairytale romance on the horizon with Palmer – he was known to be very cruel and abusive to her.

Annie was also known for having numerous affairs with the male members of the slave workers at the plantation.

Annie’s Husbands

John eventually caught Annie red handed with one of the male slaves…and beat her to within an inch of her life.

Full of anger and rage – Annie decided to get revenge for the beating by using her voodoo skills on her husband.

He died of a strange poisoning effect, days later.

Annie went on to inherit the plantation and her dead husband’s fortune…but she still felt the need for sexual encounters with the male slaves.

To quell potential rumors from emerging about her promiscuity, she eventually re-married…twice!

Both of these husbands ended up with the same fate as poor old John Palmer…

The Witch

When Annie was in charge of the plantation she was despised and feared by the slave workforce. They were all fully aware of her sordid affairs…and they were aware that these affairs led to death.

Apparently, whenever Annie was bored of a slave lover – she would use voodoo to kill them off.

The White Witch of Rose Hall

Reports suggest that she finally met her match in a obeah slave by the name of Takoo – he was also well trained in the art of voodoo.

After a few months of their affair, Takoo realized that he was soon to be ‘disposed of’.

He decided to use his power to get at Annie first.

His spell supposedly weakened Annie and while in a vulnerable state he strangled her in one of the bedrooms in Rose Hall.

Her body was placed in a concrete coffin on the plantation which had been engraved with various voodoo crosses…

Apparently this was the only way the slaves could be sure that her spirit remained trapped inside her new concrete home.

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2 comments on “The White Witch of Jamaica

  1. Not really much of a story here, is there?

    Woman marries abusive husband and he dies of a “poisoning effect”? So….like maybe she just poisoned him?
    What we have here is evidence of a serial adulterer and murder. Including the fact that she practiced voodoo doesn’t make these murder supernatural or even particularly mysterious.
    And what’s this about her last lover probably used voodoo to weaken her!……before he strangled her to death. Spooooooky.

    I like some of the other mysteries on this site but this one needs to go. Either that or include more details that show why this should be considered mysterious.

    1. Voodoo not supernatural or even particularly mysterious? Well it comes under our religious category (see the right sidebar of the website!).
      We were actually contacted a number of times by visitors looking for an article on this subject – so we went for it!
      We’ll try and throw a few more werewolf articles up here for you this week! 🙂

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