The Yukon UFO

The Yukon UFO

Twin sisters Sue and Sarah ( surnames withheld ) were travelling on the Hunker Road driving up a steep hill towards King Solomon’s Dome in July, 1996.

They were heading towards a popular spot which overhangs the divide between the Klondike and Indian Rivers with outstanding natural views.

As they reached the summit of this picturesque location they noticed a giant cigar-shaped craft hovering towards their left. It had a row of rectangular windows and seemed to be able to gravitate motionless in the sky.

The Yukon UFO Incident

The twin sisters were obviously terribly frightened by what they were witnessing so they both decided to make a hasty return home ( approximately 30 minutes away! ).

As they began their speedy descent Sue looked at her watch, and recalls that the time read 1:50 am.

When they reached the flat summit of the area they made a quick scan of the skyline and couldn’t locate the strange floating object. They continued their descent down the Quartz Road into into the Indian River Valley.

It was at this point that the UFO came into sight again – directly in front of them!

This time the craft was a lot closer to the twins so they were able to make out a small swarm of UFO crafts that seemed to circle the front of the larger cigar-shaped craft.

There were no more than 13 of these smaller crafts and after a short time they began to dart in and out of portholes on the larger craft.

The sisters decided to step on the gas harder at this point and powered down the steep descent along Quartz Road into the valley.

The craft seemed to disappear once again for a short time before reappearing in the Quartz Creek Valley. The smaller swarm of ships had now disappeared and the main craft seemed to be a lot closer to them.

As they sped on through Quartz Creek Road they noticed a small group of miners to their right. For a second they thought about stopping and asking for help but fear got the better of them and they carried on with their journey.

Sue’s Son

Sue was desperate to reach home before they lost sight of the strange object because she wanted her son to see what she was seeing. Who would believe the twin sisters without another credible witness?

As they neared Sue’s home they noticed the UFO start to descend behind the nearby Haystack Mountain. To their astonishment it seemed to completely disappear behind the mountain!

The Yukon UFO Incident

They finally reached Sue’s home and pulled into the driveway sounding the car horn as loud as they could – Sue’s son came dashing out of the front door.

The sisters tried in vain to get their words out but the younger man managed to interrupt them. He told them he had been worried sick as it was now 3:30 in the morning!

The twin sisters had somehow lost 2 hours of time during their journey back from King Solomon Dome.

The Next Day

The following day Sue’s son decided to drive his mother and auntie back to the miner placer operation they had passed by during their UFO sighting.

They managed to grab a few moments with the cook of the operation and he claimed that none of the workers had spotted anything strange the night before. They didn’t even recall the sister’s car roaring past at an intense speed!

The cook was skeptical of the sister’s claims so immediately separated them and asked if they could each draw what they had seen. The images they penned were near enough exactly the same…

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