The Zigmund Adamski UFO Incident

The Zigmund Adamski UFO Incident

In this article we will be taking a look at the Zigmund Adamski UFO incident which took place in June 1980. Tingley residents still believe this strange event was linked to extraterrestrial visitors…

The Disappearance

On 6 June 1980, Zigmund Adamski left the house to go shopping for potatoes around half past three in the afternoon. When he failed to appear at a family wedding the next day alarm bells started ringing around the local area.

His body was eventually found five days later in Todmorden next to a railway line on the afternoon of Wednesday the 11th of June at 3:45pm. Trevor Parker made the gruesome discovery – the son of the owner of the Tomlin’s coal yard.

By 4:10pm that afternoon the police had arrived, first on the scene was an officer named Alan Godfrey.

After a swift examination was carried out it was concluded that Adamski had died of a heart attack. It was also noted that he had very peculiar burns on his neck and shoulders.

He was discovered without his shirt but the remainder of his clothing seemed in perfect condition.

There were no signs of a struggle on his body and his stomach was full of food. Wherever he had been – he had been well looked after!

The Disappearance of Adamski

Police officers made a note of the length of stubble on Adamski’s face. He had been missing for a total of five days but he only had about a day’s growth on display when found.

The ‘official’ post mortem took place at 9:15pm in Hebden Bridge and was carried out by Dr Alan Edwards, a consultant pathologist at the Royal Halifax Infirmary.

Edwards concluded that Adamski had died at some time between 11:00am to 1:00pm on the day his body was found. The burn wounds on his neck had taken place at least two days before he had died.

Edwards also pointed out that a unknown ointment had been applied to the burn wounds but forensic scientists were unable to identify what it actually was.

Alan Godfrey’s Encounter

The policeman who was first at the scene of the discovery of Adamski’s body, Alan Godfrey, would claim to have had an encounter with a UFO six months later, on 28th of November at 5:00 on Burnley Road (A646) in Todmorden.

He was driving his police car halfway through a shift about a mile away from where Adamski’s body was found when he suddenly blacked out.

He came around on the same road but was unable to account for about fifteen minutes of lost time.

In 1981, Manchester-based MUFORA arranged for Godfrey to go through specialised hypnosis. During this process he claimed to have been abducted by aliens on the night he lost that 15 minutes of time.

The Sunday Mirror (27th of September 1981) published this story on its front page as a UFO abduction. The story was written by John Sheard and Stewart Bonney.

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  1. Alan Godfrey does his own investigations into ufo’s and is the turn to guy for all police who encounter ufo’s [search youtube he has done many interviews]

    also from memory Adamski was found on top of a coal pile with no tracks as to how he got up there, its thought he was dropped from above

    1. Indeed he does – he started after his own encounter about 6 months after the Adamski incident.
      And yes, Adamski was found on top of a coal pile as you can see in two of the images we’ve included with the article.

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