Tina Resch Poltergeist

Tina Resch Poltergeist

This article follows the rather harrowing account of the Tina Resch poltergeist and the media frenzy that followed it…


Tina Resch’s childhood was not what you’d call a picture book upbringing full of love and happiness. She was abandoned by her blood mother when she was little more than 10 months old and adopted by the strict Resch Family from Columbus, Ohio.

She endured many years of abuse at the hands of John and Joan Resch until her early teens. It was at this age that Tina seemed to attract some sort of paranormal entity that would not leave her side…

The Tina Resch Poltergeist

The rumor of the poltergeist activity surrounding Tina Resch was soon picked up by local media. These media reports led to investigator William Roll being contacted in March of 1981.

He contacted the Resch family and they agreed to let him stay so he could witness the paranormal activity himself.

He didn’t have long to wait – on his first visit he witnessed various versions of strong poltergeist activity.

Glasses, plates and knives flew through the air whilst the television continuously turned itself off and on even after the plug had been pulled.

Roll claimed to the world that these incidents were real but unfortunately Tina did not really help his case. During one media recording Tina was caught on camera pushing a lamp off the table. This lamp smashing had been put down to poltergeist activity until the video was viewed later on.

Tina claimed that she was tired of all the journalists in the home and wanted them to leave. No poltergeist activity was taking place so she decided to push the lamp off the table to get rid of the influx of reporters.

Despite this single incident of a hoax much of the paranormal events seem to have been real. The paranormal activity seemed to slow down then eventually stop as Tina got towards the end of her teenage years.

The media gradually lost interest in her life until 1992


At the age of just 18 Tina fell pregnant and gave birth to her a daughter – Amber. When the child was just three years old she was brutally murdered in Tina’s home. Tina was charged with the murder even though she was not in the house when the child’s injuries were inflicted.

Tina’s boyfriend, David Herrin was supposed to be looking after Amber at the time of her death and he claimed he did not touch the child.

After days of interrogation David cracked and admitted to sodomizing the child on numerous occasions. He was quickly convicted for these assaults and served 20 years in prison.

Tina stood in court facing the death penalty even though there was no real evidence that she was responsible. She protested her innocence but in the end had to accept a plea bargain to save herself from execution.

Tina received a sentence of life in prison with an extra 20 years. There was never any solid evidence to link Tina to her daughters death…she remains in prison to this day.

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