Tower of London Ghosts


Tower of London Ghosts

In this article we will be taking a look at the famous London landmark that dates back over 900 years – the Tower of London ghosts…

The Dark Place

The Tower of London has long be regarded as one of the most haunted landmarks in the UK. It was originally commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1078 but it was a lot smaller than it is now.

Over time more and more stone buildings were added to the original tower until it morphed into the popular tourist attraction we see today.

Over the centuries the Tower has been an extremely dark place littered with death an torture. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor – there was always a space for the criminal in this forsaken building!

The Tower of London Ghosts

A record form the 19th century covers paranormal activity witnessed by Crown Jewel keeper E. L. Swifte. At the time he was having a meal in the Martin Tower with his wife and children.

During the meal his wife noticed a strange cylinder floating through the air containing a blue liquid. It had a sort of ‘science lab’ look to it as the blue liquid bubbled inside.

Without warning it suddenly made a move for Swifte’s wife. The Crown Jewel keeper rose from the table and hurled a dining room chair at the cylinder – it passed straight through the floating object!

The ghostly tube hovered in the room for a few moments more before disappearing into thin air. Nobody had any sort of theory as to what it was and why it contained the strange blue liquid.

Tower of London at Night
The Tower of London at Night

One of the most famous Tower of London ghosts is that of Henry VIII’s executed wife Anne Boleyn. She was one of two wives that were ordered for execution by her royal husband.

She is often spotted in the White Tower and the Chapel of Saint Peter ad Vincula. She was actually buried in this chapel and her spirit is often seen bowing over her own final resting place.

Many visitors have also claimed to have seen 12-year-old King Edward V and his 9-year-old brother Richard Duke of York in the Bloody Tower still wearing the white gowns they were imprisoned in.

The BBC Investigations

Due to the sheer volume of paranormal reports coming out of the Tower the BBC decided to send in a team of investigators.

They set up specialized equipment and cameras throughout the location and recorded many different anomalies throughout the night. Most of these strange occurrences were easily disproved but the visual evidence they gathered was quite something else.

They managed to record visual proof of several ghostly orbs of light throughout the location. The crew admitted afterwards that they were far less skeptical after their investigation’s conclusion.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Tower of London ghosts please leave them in the comment section below.

14 comments on “Tower of London Ghosts

  1. Hi Chris! As usual, great read. I haven’t been to England yet but I plan on taking a trip in the not so distant future. I wonder, what would you say is your number one recommended “haunted” tourist attraction that England has to offer? Thank you!

    1. Wow that’s such a difficult question to answer – there are so many old buildings and churches all over the country! I think it’s best you scan through the reports on this site and pick one that appeals to you the most!
      Glad you enjoyed the article Stephane – good luck with the ghost hunting when you get over here 🙂

  2. Hey, Great post.

    This is pretty interesting stuff. I have to say that I don’t really believe in ghosts but i still love a good ghost story. I guess I think that the human mind is capable of a lot of things. If someone thinks theres a ghost then they can convince themself there really is.

    As for these really old historical buildings they really lend themselves to this type of activity. If one person claims they saw or heard something then others will say the same. After that it becomes a good story and it keeps getting embelished.

    I liked your article and your website. Cheers.


    1. Hi Robert, Glad you enjoyed the article!
      Yeah it’s hard to tell apart the difference between the mind playing tricks and an actual sighting. As you mentioned – these older types of buildings are bound to attract some sort of rumors due to their history.
      Still, a sighting is a sighting and not all of them are based on mind games…

    1. LOL, there’s nothing to be afraid of Teresa – most spirits just want to communicate themselves 🙂
      Don’t let them put you off visiting the UK!

  3. I am not a big fan of horror stories, but I do believe in unrest spirits. Where I live, they would get somebody who has the capability to communicate with these spirits, perform some rituals/prayers to appease so that they can rest in peace.

    Not sure if this can be done in the Tower of London, but it sounds tiring to ‘wander around’ for centuries as a ghost.


  4. I have been to the Tower and vowed never to go back. The entire time I felt uneasy, like I shouldn’t be there. As I walked up the incline to the Bloody Tower I passed through a small area with a strong smell of gardenia. My friend who was with me couldn’t smell it at all. I would walk out of the space and the smell would be gone; walk back in and it was as strong as before.

    The worst part was walking into the Bloody Tower itself. A few feet in I began to feel nauseous and dizzy. As I walked further into the first room on the bottom floor I felt cold spots and such pain anger and sadness. The nausea grew worse until I was sure I was going to throw up. I told my friend I had to get out of there and went to a bathroom to splash cold water on my face. I felt better, but not completely well until after we left the grounds.

    Mostly I felt that we shouldn’t have been there, that it wasn’t a tourist attraction, but a sacred site with restless and tortured souls.

    1. That’s really interesting stuff Lisa – I’ve come across several people who seem to have had the same sort of experience as you did there!

    2. Lisa,

      Very interested in your experience. I recently visited the Tower, and had some really strange experiences myself. In the Beauchamp Tower, got specific feelings of rage at other visitors, as if they should not be there and did not appreciate the monumental history that occurred there. The higher up I went in the tower, the stronger the feelings of rage got. Also had some strong feelings inside the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula. Very dizzy, cold (yet sweating) and nausea. Interesting to me that you got some of the same feelings within the tower grounds.

      1. Very interesting stuff – you are not alone in your experiences ( as you can see! ). Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  5. When I first read about the bubbling blue cylinder thing in a book several years ago, I thought, that maybe it wasn’t a ghost, but rather some kind of weird time travel experiment or something… like they were testing it on some random container they just had laying around just to make sure it worked before trying it on a human. Another theory could be that it was the ghost of somebody that was carrying said container, which would explain why it was floating, if the person was invisible, and then fell off the tower, possible during its construction, though what would the liquid be? I can’t even think of any blue liquids that would be used in that quantity… Sometimes castles had people that would dump tar or boiling oil on would be intruders, but neither of those are blue. It could perhaps, be the ghost of one of them, except the oil got discolored cause it’s a ghost. And for some reason only the container was visible. Honestly I believe the ghostly cylinder is probably to be one of the most bizzare ghost stories ever.

    1. Hi CJ,

      I really like the time travel experiment angle – thanks for mentioning it here! A lot of people have contacted me about the cylinder since we published this article but I’m afraid I couldn’t get much info on it!

      Maybe something more ‘meaty’ will appear online at some point – give us a few more clues as to what it is…what it represents?

      Great speaking with you again! 🙂

  6. In 1986 I visited the Tower of London on one of my many trips to the U.K. I left the White Tower near closing time in November to take pictures along the upper tower walkway before the sun was too low. I can’t remember for the life of me what tower I was in, but I will never forget it. It was on The Thames side left of the white tower as you are exiting. I had to walk down circular stone stairs to continue my path,and at the bottom of the stairs was a furnished room it’s a small fireplace. I suddenly had an overwhelming feeling that I was not alone, but had not seen a soul on my walk there. I hurriedly went to the opposite side where the stairs steps led back up. I as happy to be out of there. I few paces on a Beefeater was stand in my path and told me I had to go back the way I cameo said I would rather continue on to another exit, but he said no,I had to go back. I turned around and fea fully went back through the room again . I began to feel terrified as soon as I walked in and actually covered my face with my hands as I hurried to the other side to “escape”.
    I have returned to the Tower many times since then, but have never been able to find the room again. I ask you, where was I?

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