Tunguska Comet Explosion – Great Balls of Fire!

Tunguska Comet Explosion

During the last week I have noticed various recent reports claiming the riddle of the Tunguska comet explosion was now solved.

It turns out that NASA themselves have now jumped on the bandwagon and announced they have the answer to this riddle – given to them by space shuttle exhaust???

Anyway I’m not here to discuss NASA – I don’t have much time for that bunch and I doubt I ever will due to their levels of public censorship over the years.

I’m here to discuss the other theories of the Tunguska comet explosion – the ones NASA would never dream of addressing….

Great Balls of Fire!

This story starts on June 30th, 1908 when a farmer named S.B. Semjonov and his freind P.P.Kosalopov noticed a great ball of fire in the sky in Vanavara, Siberia.

Great Balls of Fire!Semjonov was not exactly that close to the object but it still somehow managed to burn him through his layers of clothes.

Both men were shocked as they stared at the sky trying to figure out what was going on – was it some biblical punishment? Was it the end of the world?

Suddenly the light above them disappeared and a huge explosion appeared 40 miles north of Vanavara blasting both men to the floor.

As the pair tried to regain their balance they noticed the ground beneath their feet was trembling uncontrollably. The windows from the building started to pop out of their frames and fall to the floor and shatter.

Still a Mystery…

No matter what they try and tell you this is still pretty much a mystery – nobody knows what happened that day!

It’s no real surprise that NASA has finally popped up and with claims of having the answer to this unknown phenomena – I’m surprised it has taken them this long!

Personally I subscribe to a whole different story to NASA’s cardboard attempts and it’s one that has been banded about for many years now…

A lot of ‘believers’ seem to think an Extraterrestrial vessel of some kind exploded several kilometers above the earth’s surface and the effect was much like a nuclear bomb.

Witnesses from the surrounding areas claimed the explosion was enormous and could be heard over 600 kilometers away.

There were huge lines of trees smashed down and flattened to the ground – a 20 million sq km area in all was effected.


The nomads that inhabited the effected area suffered from severe cases of radiation poisoning and for some reason the trees in this area have grown at a rapid rate ever since.

Nobel prizewinner Willard Labard went through some tests on the area and found that his results showed a increased degree of carbon-14 since 1908.

Now I’m no scientist so I had to look this up. In layman’s terms it means the ground has at some point been influenced by radiation.

Leonid Kulik’s Interest

Not long after this incident revolution hit the country and most people’s lives were led in more important directions – it was near enough forgotten about!

Nearly two decades later a Russian mineralogist named Leonid Kulik discovered a report on the Tunguska comet explosion. He was instantly drawn to the idea of this incident and decided to plan an expedition to that part of the world.

Comet ExplosionLeonid was convinced that a meteor similar to the the one that caused the Barringer-crater in Arizona was the cause of the explosion.

So in 1927 the expedition set off to travel over 600 miles to Vanavara. When they arrived at their destination they wasted no time at all gathering up information from the natives. Unfortunately a strong snow storm was stopping the expedition from reaching the actual explosion site and they had to wait a full week until they could depart Vanavara.

When the storm eventually subsided Kulik encountered another problem – he was unable to find native guides brave enough to enter the epicenter of the explosion. They were all afraid of the so-called fire god that resided there!

Kulik was stumped – there was nothing he could do as he could not travel further. He had to turn back and return in 1928 when he finally located trackers that would brave the explosion site!

Tunguska Comet Explosion Burnt TreesIt was springtime in 1928 when Kulik finally got his wish and traveled to the explosion site – he was more than a little disappointed when he arrived there!

The huge creator he expected to find was nowhere to be seen – all he was confronted with was a frozen mess of swamp and with rather healthy looking trees in the middle. The trees surrounding this swamp were not so well off – they lay flat with their roots pointing towards the sky!

There were no traces of a meteorite anywhere to be found – the dead trees positioning indicated something had hit there with force but nothing concrete was found…

Theories…So Many Theories!!

The biggest explosion in 20th century is nowhere near being solved no matter what bullshit they try and feed you with.

A simple search online will bring up over 70 papers on the subject – most of them of a nuclear origin. At one point it was even suggested that a tiny black hole passed through the earth and caused the huge explosion.

But more often than not the Ufologists get their way and the alien vessel exploding seems to have more coverage than any other theory.

What do you think happened at Tunguska?



2 comments on “Tunguska Comet Explosion – Great Balls of Fire!

  1. Lol it was most definitely an astoriod that exploded miles above the earth’s surface. Explains the residual radiation, flattened trees, and the fire ball. Come on guys this is absolutely NOT a mystery.

    1. Unfortunately that theory has fallen flat on it’s face numerous times before Andrew. A simple Google search will enlighten you as to why. Tunguska is still listed as one of the top worldwide mysteries due to the lack of evidence brought through these theories – we only report these mysteries…. 🙂

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