Types of Demons in Demonology – The Ultimate Encyclopedia


Types of Demons in Demonology - The Encyclopedia of Demons and DemonologyProduct: The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

Subject: The Types of Demons in Demonology

Author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Publisher: Checkmark Books

Language: English

Length: 302 Pages

Price: $14.47 ( Retail )

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology – Product Overview

We purchased The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology a couple of months back to find out more information on the types of demons in demonology. So far the guide has been extremely helpful so we thought we would write a review about our experiences with it.

The book is essentially an encyclopedia made up of just over 400 different entries accompanied by black and white illustrations. If you are looking for a strictly Christian view on the subject of demonology then I should point out that this is NOT the publication for you.

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology looks at many different cultures, mythical traditions and religions. It looks at the more folklore based aspects whilst also covering role that demons play in the modern world.

In this review we will be looking at how well the encyclopedia works, who it is best suited to and some minor drawbacks with the product. By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology is right for you.

The video below will give you a short overview on the subjects the encyclopedia offers:

The Good And The Bad

The Pros:

  • The author ( Rosemary Ellen Guiley ) works full-time in the paranormal and metaphysical fields and has written over 50 books
  • There are helpful annotations included at the end of each entry
  • Easy to read – a very detailed yet fun writing style ( not your typical bland and boring encyclopedia format )
  • One of the more ‘complete’ reference books on types of demons in demonology
  • The book is not biased regarding beliefs or religions – everything is looked at through a neutral eye

The Cons:

  • May fall somewhat short for those researching more serious demon lore
  • Some reviews claim that the Encyclopedia has left out a handful of demon names

Who is This Book For?

After reading this encyclopedia we felt it was suitable for just about anyone who has an interest in the subject of demonology – many online customer reviews seem to agree with us:

Online customer review of The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology
An online review from May 25, 2012

There are also views that the book itself is aimed at people looking for a demonic freak show of sorts and is not to be taken to seriously – we disagree with this opinion! The alphabetical order of each demon entry was well thought out and easy to follow. A handful of the entries did seem to be a little shorter than the others but these were always backed up by a short title list of further reading.

Below is example snippet of the first demon entry covered in the book…

Angel of death, destruction, and the netherworld.

As you can see from the entry above the encyclopedia’s content is very detailed with suitably traditional illustrations. The information provided is concise and to the point – it makes for an excellent starting point for beginners.

Our Final Opinion on The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

We went looking for a no nonsense, straightforward guide on the types of demons in demonology and that is exactly what we found.  The encyclopedia basically fed us everything we needed to know in alphabetical order.

We tried a couple of smaller books first but they only seemed to cover the basics – this is one of the more complete reference books out there. The author ( Rosemary Ellen Guiley ) had to cut some of the entries a little short while leaving other entries longer, regardless the most important aspects of the information is there, especially dealing with the actual demons.

I was impressed by the inclusion of information regarding Hollywood movies, bestselling books and plays that deal with certain demons covered in the book. This was a unique idea that had not been explored by the other guides we had tried out.

An excellent resource point for those who have an interest in demonology.

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We hope you enjoyed this review on The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. If you have any questions about the product or want to leave your own personal review, please feel free to leave a comment below.

69 comments on “Types of Demons in Demonology – The Ultimate Encyclopedia

  1. I got sucked into your website and lost for a good 30 minutes reading posts. I really liked this post on the Ultimate Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. I love the fact that it show different perspectives of demons rather than just one viewpoint. Thank you for the share and I think this is something I might want to check out.

    1. Hi Marc – glad we were able to suck you in!!!!
      If you decide to check the book out don’t forget to come back and let us know what you thought about it 🙂

  2. Great book review and nice website you have here!
    Demons and the paranormal world is a topic I used to be very interested in and it seems you’ve sparked my interest again with this post!
    One point of criticism, if I read I have the habit of highlighting what I’m reading, for some reason the text jumps away (Up or Down) when I do it on your page… Don’t know why this is tho 🙂

    Anyway keep posting more great book reviews!


    1. Hi Maarten,
      Well this book sounds right up your street then! I’m unsure about what you’re getting at with the text but I’ll try and get into it further 🙂
      Cheers for landing up on this review – hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Hi Chris

    Once again you have kept my interest reading your post on demons. You’ve a good way of presenting subjects that are out of the ordinary and engaging and as a blogger myself I certainly look for this in posts
    I honestly think your site will go from strength to strength as you grow.

    Kindest regards

  4. Hi Chris, I couldn’t leave without leaving you a comment about this post, a very thorough review, I am really interested in Demonology, I find it very fascinating, I was looking at going for a smaller book but I noticed you mentioned that they only really cover the basics. Thank you very much for your post I am very keen to try Ms Guiley’s Book . 🙂

  5. Hi Chris,
    I am too very interested in metaphysics, mysteries and the unexplained.
    I find the review on this book very intriguing to buy it, in the future.
    Never thought that there will be a book about this subject, but than again I never really looked for it.
    Your review got me interested though.
    Thanks for this info.

  6. Your post is very interesting. I have a friend who has a theory about demons that they are here with us and living with us right now. That the are not magical creatures but rather flesh and blood. But they use advance technology that makes them have the appearance of being magical.

  7. This is a very helpful review of the Ultimate Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. I like that fact that you point out what’s good and bad about the book and how you also state that it’s not the pure Christian view. I may want to check out this book based on the information you provided. Thanks for the info.

  8. Hi!
    One of the best things I like about this book is it covers, demons, not religions.
    To me, this is one of the best out there and a great place to start researching any particular demon.
    I also like the fact that it is in alphabetical order.

    Thanks for the review and keep them coming!


    1. Cheers Shawn – glad you enjoyed the book as much as we did ( and nice to see you back here again! ).
      Take care 🙂

  9. A very interesting article about the Encyclopaedia of Demons. Very spooky indeed. I’ve listened to the author, Rosemary a number of times on late night talk radio. She is quite a prolific writer and a good interview as well.

    I’m not sure I would want this book sitting on my book shelf. It would be sort of creepy. It’s an interesting subject, however, so having a reference handy might be a good idea.

    I’m undecided still, but there is a chance I’m going to get the book. 🙂


    1. Hi Gary,
      I’ve heard she’s quite an engaging character on certain radio shows and she’s certainly had a lot of success through writing 🙂

  10. This book looks awesome!
    I myself am a big follower of demonology and read up on it often I’ve spent big money on grimores before and this is a rather cheap edition to the collection that I am considering purchasing. Thank you for posting about this! Maybe with this I can figure out what my guardion demon is.

  11. Hey Chris! I really enjoyed this review. I enjoy reading about stuff like this and your review has pointed me to a book that I will have to pickup. Truth is, I don’t really believe in this stuff, but my wife is very superstious and these types of books really freak her out. It’s kinda like a train wreck… she knows it is going to scare her, but she can’t resist reading. Anywho, thanks for the review, it was really good.

  12. Hi Chris

    Very interesting post.
    Actually I was looking after some background on demonology, for writing purposes, and this review is a very helpful discovery.
    It is very handy, at least for me, to have a good quick reference about demons from a reliable source.
    Also the price tag of 14.47 is surprising low for this kind of literature, which makes this an even interesting deal 🙂

    Warm regards!


  13. Hi Cris, Phenomenal site! Nice book review too. Real Unexplained Mysteries have always held my interest. Although I love anything paranormal, demonology still freaks me out. I believe that people can attract them to them and might do it intentionally.

    I have a healthy respect for that side of the paranormal. This might be because I personally had an experience that left me and my family shaken years ago. In my case it was not intentional; more like I moved into an apartment that had some negative energy.

    Anyway, I know that I will be paying a return visit to see what other delicious topics you’ve written about.

    1. Hi Angela – I would love to hear more about that apartment and the negative energy you mentioned! Come back any time and explain a little further ( if you feel up to it!!! )

  14. You can find books these days on just about anything but it is always good to find books that tend to shed some light more on a reference level for what people or cultures believe rather that pure fantasy.
    Your review on Types of Demons in Demonology – The Ultimate Encyclopedia sounds like a lot of research to getting as much information together as possible and by having the demons in alphabetical order to me is another good plus for reading or referencing back to certain areas of the book.

  15. This is a subject I don’t like thinking too much about. I guess I get spooked easily. What I liked about your review is that it made me want to try and read it since your little snippet of the book gave me an idea of what’s inside. Not that scary and really just for anyone who has an interest in demons and demonology. I read it and found myself wanting to read a bit more. Good review.

  16. This is a weird review though. But I must say I enjoyed reading it. I think I will purchase this book and get more insight on this subject. But I must say I never knew there existed anything like the study of demons.

    I can’t wait to get to know what this book has to offer on the subject

  17. Where all those demon from, religion, small town legend, antique mythologies? It seems a lot of demon, I didn’t know there was that much. I know a lot of demons from donjon & dragon but I didn’t suspect that there was that mush outside of games or things like that. I will have to make more research on the subject, great job, you have pick my attention there.

  18. Hey, what a fascinating topic you chose to review. I genuinely enjoyed your take on The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology.

    I am a major Mythology and Legends buff and this sort of thing is very appealing to me. Do you think international visitors can get the same special type of discount on Amazon?

    1. I would think so George – the Amazon links here will take you to your local Amazon store ( wherever you are based ) so have a quick look 🙂

  19. Hey Chris, great review on this book. I like that you went on to explaining how it doesn’t feel or read like a boring encyclopedia, makes a lot of sense. I’m not familiar with demonology and this doesn’t exactly go on the topic of your review, but in a basic answer, what would be the differences between this kind of book and a demonology book that was Christian based?

    1. To be honest with you Santiago, I think they’d be very similar! Demonology in general stems from many aspects of Christianity – I cannot see there being many differences between the two.

  20. Wow, this is a great source of information. I’m big into mythology and fantasy books and legends – to a point where I believe some of it has to be true. “Supernatural” is one of my favorite television shows, and it deals in a lot of this stuff (albeit in a cheeky and humorous way). Awesome site, bookmarked.

  21. Hello Chris
    I really liked your book Review, I love the “unexplained”, not been much into demons, sounds a bit scary :/ But i for sure going to think about buying the book, just have to make sure to i have someone else in the house when i read it:)
    But anyway, thank you for a great review, and i hope it comes more soon, the site is bookmarked:)

  22. Hi Chris!
    I some years ago spent little time studying it if there is more between heaven and earth.
    In particular, the subject of our conscious self is what we build our world around.
    Or whether it really only takes up one percent share.
    I must honestly admit that I have spent a little time and read some of your other articles too.
    I sense your skepticism.
    So what is your own thank do you believe that there are demons on earth

    1. Yes I do Steen – in many different guises! I’m surprised you say you found Skepticism in my articles…doesn’t sound like me!

  23. Hey!

    This a great post and you created a great website!
    Stuff like this is extremely interesting and I feel drawn to it.
    This book seems to be very interesting, are there any books which are similar to this one? I mean regarding the writing style!

    Looking forward to hear from you!


  24. Great post on demons. I didn’t know much about demons and the various types there are but I have learned a lot more about them today. The site blends perfectly with your niche as it gives it a dark tone, which makes it more fun to read. Keep up the good work and I like where you are heading.

  25. Nice article about this book. This review definitely helped me deciding if I should get it or not. I have 1 question though. You say that the book is suited for pretty much anyone. Does that count for all ages? I don’t want my kids to get freaked out when they find me reading this book lol.


    1. Hi Vincent,

      Well if you’ve got teenagers interested in the subject that would be fine – I’d never recommend showing it to young kids though ( why would you want to? ) LOL

  26. Hi Chris – Another excellent post. Your review of of the book Types of Demons and Demonology was really interesting.
    I like the way you write and present the subject matter in an easy to read but compelling manner. Demons could be regarded as a taboo subject by some groups, however we need to explore every aspect of our lives in order to understand them
    Great post

    1. Hey Mark – nice to see you here again!

      Thanks for the positive feedback on the book review – great to hear that you enjoyed it so much! 🙂

  27. What a fascinating review. I didn’t even know there were encyclopaedias for this type of thing. I think the use of demons in myth, folklore and more recently film is fascinating. The appearance of demons permeates different times and cultures and makes you wonder whether it is universal? Is that because they exist or we have a psychological need for them?

  28. Wow, i loved this review so much. Actually it has made me read every post in your website. I love these books, books that explain into details about mysteries. Actually my book shelf is full of such books. My friends call me weird, maybe i am lol. But when i saw this review, i said to myself why not? This is a book i definitely want to get and read. Thank you very much for this well detailed review.

  29. Whether you believe in UFO’s, demonic possession, ghosts, or other unexplained phenomena or not, the Real Unexplained Mysteries site certainly catches your attention. The red color in the heading reaches out and grabs you, then the pictures in each of the posts catches your attention and pulls you in to want to read more. I also like the way that the picture rotates and zooms in to catch your attention when you hover over the blog picture. This effect catches your eye and makes you want to see more.

    The one thing that I thought detracted from the site was the two very suggestive ad placements that were used to sell advertising space on the site. The site would likely appeal to children and young teens and these ads would be something that I would not care for my young teens or tweens to view. The site is good enough on it’s merit without relying on sexually suggestive animations to grab inappropriate attention.

    1. Well we can’t really control the ad space we sell Mike – this is the 21st century after all! Website maintenance is expensive stuff so we need to show ads to keep the lights on around here! ( besides the adverts are really not that bad! )

  30. I used to be interested into the Occult and Demonology as well as Paganism and Satanism for a while, it was one hell of an adventure (no pun intended)! Your video review was cut and clear, straight to the point and easy to hear. Chrisitians will get offended by this book, it’s good thing you warn people not to read it if they’re zealous.

  31. You’ve got a really fascinating website here. I’m very interested in the unexplained, the paranormal. And just like a poster above, it’s easy to lose yourself in the different pages, lol.
    Anyways, I loved your review of Demons and Demonology. If I didn’t already have it, I’d have made a quick decision to buy it after popping over to this page! Great work, Chris!

  32. Hi Chris
    This is amazing.

    I am really interested in this subject matter.Yes, I will admit the only knowledge that I have regarding demons is that which is projected out of Hollywood movies.

    I would like to learn more. So am I correct in saying that this book is based on facts and is for serious people only?

    Thanks for the review, I enjoyed reading the clip that you extracted.


  33. Well first of all I would like to say that some of the content here are interesting, a little spooky, and informative. These are the things I am more attracted to, the mystery, the paranormal, and the unexplained. I’ve always and have been told that I watch too much of this kind of stuff. This is what fascinates me consistently. I like that there is a site that delves in the unkown and the unexplained on top of other things you’re site provides. keep on keeping on.

  34. Hi Chris,

    really interesting website here and a good review of the book. If i really want to know more about demons then this demon encyclodpedia looks pretty thorough. Ive got an interest in the spirit world but not necessarily demons. None the less like i said if i ever need to know more then thats the book 🙂

  35. This is an intriguing but frightening topic as many religions believe (or once believed) in the influence of demons. I think this book would be an excellent reference for someone with an interest in or writes about demons. I actually know someone who is obsessed with horror movies who would love this book!

  36. Scary stuff – because I believe it is real! I have been studying up on demons since watching Supernatural on TV and found that a lot of what they televise on that show has roots in real spiritualism and demonology. I have a family member that LOVES that show and would LOVE to have this book to go along with it. I think I’m going to order it!

  37. Demons and demonology, fascinating concept. I have always loved the “Angels and Demons” concept art. Not meaning the book, just the idea as a whole. I love the idea of the good vs. evil parts of our soul battling for dominance. Would definitely consider buying this book just for the art-work, let alone the information it contains!

  38. Hey Chris:

    Cool review, cool website. You’ve put a lot of work into making it lively and informative. The topic seems to attract a lot of attention as well.

    I suppose we will always be fascinated by the unsolved and unexplained mysteries. It doesn’t matter how old they are.


  39. Nice and very well written post you have here. I will say that it is not for the faint of heart. I have read just about all of your post and learn something new with each one. I will say that after each session. I have to lather myself and mind in holy things. Because it’s like the demons I’m reading about are trying to get at me through my PC screen.

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