UFO Animal Mutilations

UFO Animal Mutilations

Reports of weird and eerie animal mutilations have probably existed since the early 19th century when Charles Fort (a famous American writer and researcher) started collecting, reporting and documenting incidences of cattle mutilation in Great Britain. However, it was not until the 1960’s that this strange and bizarre phenomenon was reported in North America.

UFO animal mutilations could be said to be the unusual, unworldly and ghostly killing and mutilation of animals. These killings often appear as bloodless.

Though there have been reports of sheep, horses, goats and deer being mutilated, cattle are the major most victims of this heinous and ‘bloody’ act. As such, these unexplained animal mutilations are commonly known as cattle mutilations.

Modern History

One of the most famous and most renowned cases of animal mutilation happened on the 9th of September in 1967. Harry King, a rancher, discovered a 3 year old horse (called Lady) dead. She had been missing for two days.

It wasn’t her death that astonished him most; it was the nature of her dead body that shocked all those who saw her. The flesh from her neck up was no more, the cuts on her body were surgical and exact, her brain, lungs, heart and digestive organs were mysteriously missing and to make it worse, there were no traces of blood.

Even the scene of the horrid act was in itself a mystery with witnesses claiming to catch a whiff of formaldehyde in the air. Even more mysterious was the fact that the ground appeared burned and no tracks could be seen within a hundred feet of the body.

Reportedly, more and more animals were discovered dead and mutilated; much in the same way that Lady had been discovered. Upon examining the horse, Dr Robert O. Adams, claimed that the horse was probably a victim of ‘mercy killing’ and scavengers. This was an assertion that Nellie Lewis, the owner of the horse greatly disagreed with citing the doctors lack of explanation for the bloodless nature of the corpse and the radiation.

Lady’s case marked the beginning of a myriad of unexplained mutilations being reported all across the Western states. So widespread were the sightings that by the late 70’s all the western states had reported cases of animal mutilations.

Montana, Idaho and New Mexico all fell victim to these excisions. Dozens of cattle were discovered dead; all were missing vital body parts such as tongues, udders, rectums and sexual organs. In 1975, the governor of Colorado ordered an investigation into the phenomena.

Subsequently, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation began the thorough and in-depth examination of the over 200 reported cases of animal mutilation. Their findings more or less complemented those of Dr Robert. They attributed the horrific deaths and mutilations to scavengers and human copycats.

The probe was not enough for the public however and in 1979, congress set in motion ‘Operation Animal Mutilation’. Once again, the inquiry concluded that the causes of these mutilations were predators and scavengers and once again, these conclusions were dismissed by UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists as being misleading.

To date, it is estimated that there have been up to 100, 000 reported mutilations since that of Lady was first reported in 1967.

A Common Pattern?

One thing that both the supporters of the supernatural cause theories and the natural cause theories agree on is that there seems to be a common pattern between all the reported animal mutilations.

1. They mainly target cattle, horse and sheep.

2. All the dead animals seem to have vital body parts missing. These include sexual organs, tongues, sometimes embryos and even the anus.

3. Some of the animals have been discovered with broken legs or with their backs to the ground in such a way as to suggest that they were dropped onto the scene from an elevated position.

4. There are normally no footprints or tracks of any kind around the scenes.

5. The cuts and removal of the body parts are often characterized by a surreal surgical precision and accuracy.

6. There are normally no traces of blood on the carcasses of the dead animals.

7. In some cases, there have been reports of radiation or smells of tranquilizing chemicals being detected on the scene.

8. The killings often coincide with reported sightings of unidentified flying objects and mysterious lights.

9. Probably the most bizarre characteristic of these mutilations is the fact that predators and scavengers never go near the mutilated bodies of the bovines. This clear pattern of events has only but fueled the theories and beliefs surrounding these unexplained animal mutilations.

Who is Responsible?

This is the one question which has drawn a wide range of answers, both from professionals and non-professionals alike. It seems that everyone has a different explanation for the happenings. There are several theories that have been forwarded in a bid to explain these mutilations.

1) Aliens?

One of the major similarities between the mutilations is the fact that they are often accompanied by reports of strange and unworldly flying objects and lights. Another eerie similarity is the fact that the cuts made on the animals are often too precise and accurate to be real.

This, coupled with claims of the mutilation scenes testing positive for radiation have prompted quite a number of people to believe that these mutilations are not the work of humans, but rather, the work of aliens from outer space.

Even official government authorities such as one Capt. Keith Wolverton of Cascade County Sheriff’s department reported seeing these UFO’s hence forming an even stronger framework for supporters of this theory to base themselves in.

The aliens are purported to be carrying out various forms of research ranging from cloning experiments to researching on the HIV/AIDS virus. One supporter of the alien theory is Linda Moulton Howe the producer of ‘A Strange Harvest’, a documentary that seeks to explain the cattle mutilations.

2) Secret Governments

Some people in the localities affected by the killings claimed to have seen black helicopters. These choppers not only flew low, but were also unmarked. These reports emanated from all Illinois, Iowa, Texas and even Colorado.

Some locals claim to have shot at the low flying choppers while others claimed that shots would sometimes be fired from the flying crafts. This culminated in the development of yet another theory; that of the mutilations being part of top secret government conspiracies and missions.


Whether these killings are some sick government experiment or whether they are UFO animal mutilations, one thing appears to be clear; the nature of these killings suggests anything but natural.

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