UFO Fleet Leaving The Moon – YouTube UFO Video

UFO Fleet Leaving The Moon - YouTube UFO Video

On the 15th of September 2012 there were reports of a UFO fleet leaving the moon all over popular social media networks.

These sightings were also backed up by a rather impressive video (released to YouTube).

We decided to hold off on this subject for a while until the theories and manic rumors calmed down so we could give a more settled opinion…

Nothing New

Hearing news about a UFO fleet leaving the moon is not exactly surprising to us due to the amount of evidence that has built up over the years.

Let’s face it, ever since the Moon landings in the 1960’s and early 1970’s the rumor mill has not stopped turning on the subject of aliens on our moon.

A lot of the sightings and claims have come from the more amateur astronomers and ufologists. The more impressive claims came from astronauts from the Apollo missions.

If we look deep into the history books we will see that these strange UFO sightings did not actually start during the 60’s.

There are recorded instances of structures and strange vessels being spotted on the moon since 1540.

As with all these videos that surface on YouTube, it is good sense to take what you are viewing with a pinch of salt.

There are a lot of fakes out there but this video does seem to tick a few boxes when it comes to appearing legit. The video credit goes to r3alw0rld.

The strangest thing I took from this video is the crater that the UFO’s are leaving the moon from. It is known as Aristarchus and it has been heavily covered by NASA over the years.

Lots of weird phenomenon has been recorded on the inside and on the outskirts of Aristarchus.

There are many different logs available to the public that highlight strange occurrences in this crater (you can search for them easily enough online!).

Aristarchus is also known to NASA as the Blue Gem due to the fact it has been caught radiating a strange blue light on many an occasion!

Ancient aliens on the moon

It’s a really strange bit of evidence that I wish I had a lot more information on really. It appears as if the UFO vessels that are leaving the moon are on a particular course or mission – they are all travelling in the same direction.

Over the last few decades strange artificial structures seem to have appeared from nowhere on the moon. Are these alien vessels anything to do with these structures?

If you have any further information on this subject please feel free to leave it in the comment section below this article…

2 comments on “UFO Fleet Leaving The Moon – YouTube UFO Video

  1. I’m relatively new into this whole lunar/UFO ideology. I’m not saying anyone’s right or wrong and there is a surprising amount of evidence to support the idea of UFO lunar bases. My question, which may have already been answered, is; if NASA and the other world governments have been warned, what was the whole purpose of NASA launching the rocket into Luna to test if it has/had water? Were they targeting something specifically or just doing it as a show of force? Just a thought…

    1. A very good question Rich. My first thoughts would be to go with a show of force but we have no real idea about what this rocket is – we only have their ( NASA’s ) explanation to go on. A great point though – thanks for including it here 🙂

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