US Route 666

US Route 666

US Route 491 has picked up the rather worrying title of Devil’s Highway since it’s opening in 2003. What paranormal force is behind the terrors witnessed on this north-south carriageway and why does it claim so many lives?

The Devil’s Highway

Over the years the road has claimed an unusual amount of lives through driving accidents. As soon as a death is recorded the road itself seems to take the blame.

It doesn’t matter if the driver was drunk, there was human error or a mechanical fault – the road will end up being the culprit!

The Navajo firmly believe that legends such as Skinwalkers inhabit more desolate parts of the infamous stretch of road, appearing out of nowhere in front of oncoming traffic.

There have also been numerous reports of devilish hell hounds roaming the 200 mile long stretch in packs.

Individual hounds are said to break off the pack and chase after passing motorists – keeping up pace with cars traveling at incredible speeds.

Certain quarters believe these hell hounds are behind various accidents that have taken place on the road.

They are thought to be the cause of ripped tires found at the scene of numerous automobile crash sites.

The Haunted Semi Truck

There have also been several reports of a ghostly semi truck driving down the highway at various times of the day.

This truck often plays a game of ‘chicken’ with oncoming motorists, causing them to swerve off the road and crash.

The Girl in White

Numerous reports seem to indicate that a phantom girl in white also haunts the motorway. The vast majority of these reported sightings do not include hostility or malevolence.

Most witnesses have pulled over to offer the young girl assistance but as they approach her she disappears into thin air!


Many drivers that have taken on the 200 mile trek have failed to reach their destinations. This once again has been blamed on the road itself.

It’s as if the missing person has vanished off the face of the planet – parts of the car and personal items have been found but the driver is never to be seen again.

There are also a few drivers that disappear only to turn up days later. They have no memory of where they have been and they cannot remember any part of the journey.

Route 666

The highway is actually the 6th spur on the existing Route 66 – this is how it ended up with the unfortunate number clinging to it.

It received the change of name to US Route 491 in 2003 due to the amount of local lobbying and pressure.

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4 comments on “US Route 666

  1. Hi Chris,

    I hadn’t heard of Route 666 until I read your post. It’s quite amazing that there are so many strange happenings with a particular stretch of road and it makes me think that there must be lots more information about this. There are all sorts of people chasing paranormal activity and trying to get photos of these phenomena. Do you know whether there have been investigations into any of these to find out if there are detailed witness accounts and photos? In these days of mobile phones and car cameras you would think that there would be evidence of any recent happenings, or are most of the stories historic and might be based on tiredness, night time and vivid imaginations? It would be an interesting subject to find out more about – sounds big enough for a book!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Well I suppose some of the reports from this road could well be put down to tiredness and vivid imaginations – we all get a little weary at the wheel when driving at night right?

      As far as investigations go – I’m pretty certain there have been hundreds of them! Whenever an area has this much paranormal activity the investigators come out. A few ghost hunting shows have probably covered the incidents by now!

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