Val Johnson UFO

Val Johnson UFO

Did a Deputy Sheriff have a real life collision with a UFO or was it nothing more than enormous pressure along a geologic fault line?

Let’s take a closer look at the Val Johnson UFO case…


Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson was on routine patrol around the state highways in Minnesota when he came across a strange light to the south of his car.

He was completely transfixed by this light so he decided to turn his car around and head in it’s direction to find out more.

When he started towards the light it suddenly took notice of his car’s movements and responded by travelling towards him. It moved at super-human speeds and the Deputy was unable to avoid it – he crashed straight into it!

The Aftermath

Johnson’s car sustained a broken windshield and headlight, there were also dents and bent antennas on his car. The deputy regained consciousness about half an hour later. He was suffering from some sort of eye injury that the doctors claimed was a lot like conjunctivitis.

When he examined his watch he realized that he had lost time. He checked the clock inside the patrol car and that to registered an exact same loss of time.

After the incident the police car was taken in for experts to examine and they were stumped on the cause of the windscreen damage. They claimed that some sort of force had pressed in on each side of the glass at the exact same time. They did not know how this was possible.

The Val Johnson UFO Case

We were able to locate a copy of the exact official report that Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson handed in to his superiors…

Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson

Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson was convinced that he had some sort of extraterrestrial encounter. The expert scientists who looked into the case ridiculed his explanation and claimed it was nothing more than plasma ( pressure along a geologic fault line ).

Scientists have apparently been aware of a fault line in this area for many decades now…

What do you think happened to Val Johnson? Do you think he had an alien encounter or was this nothing more than natural phenomenon at work?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

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