Victor Goddard – Time Slip Evidence


Time Slip Evidence

​In this article we will be looking at time slip evidence that involved a old military airfield called Drem in 1935

Time Travel Slips

Victor Goddard was a RAF wing commander who was in the process of flying his biplane to Edinburgh. Before he had set off, he had decided to land halfway for a top up of fuel at an old military airfield called Drem.

The flight was routine enough until he approached the Drem airfield. As he looked down he noticed that Drem had seen better days.

The buildings now looked like they had been abandoned for years and the runways were virtually made up of grass. As he got closer to the base he noticed cattle casually grazing away in the middle of the main strip.

There was no chance of landing at this derelict site – there were now too many dangers to consider. He carried on with his journey towards Edinburgh.

The Time Slip Evidence

Goddard managed to get to his destination safely enough and carried out his business there. On his return flight to Andover he unfortunately encountered some extremely severe weather.

There was no way around this huge cloud of activity so he flew straight into it. He was an excellent pilot but he had great difficulty in navigating his plane through this strange storm.

He was stuck within this cloud for what seemed like an age and at one point came perilously close to crashing into the ground.

Without warning he suddenly flew out of the cloud into brilliant, bright sunlight. He noticed that he was now above the Drem airfield once again…but this time it seemed different.

He immediately noticed that the runways were now completely clear of any rural debris and there was aircraft parked on them. He made note of 3 Avro trainer biplanes and one single wing plane that he could not identify.

Avro Tutor
Yellow Avro Tutor Plane

He was amazed that the majority of the planes were painted in a strange yellow color. They bore the RAF insignia but he had never come across planes this color before.

He then noticed the crew members walking around the airfield going about their everyday chores. They were wearing rather modern looking blue RAF uniforms which Goddard was unfamiliar with.

It suddenly hit him that nobody in the airbase was aware of his flight even though he was flying as low as he possibly could above them.

When he looked back up he realized that the strange storm was now directly in front of him. He had no time to avoid it so he ended up flying straight back into it again.

This time the storm seemed to be a little friendlier to the pilot and let him pass through without incident.

Time Keeps Slipping Into The Future…

He arrived back to his base in Andover and was left to ponder about the experience he had just been through.

The problem is that what he saw did not exist in 1935. The yellow colored planes and the blue uniforms were not used by the military until 1937 – two years after Goddard went through this strange experience.

His report on the incident still remains on record…

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12 comments on “Victor Goddard – Time Slip Evidence

  1. This story reminds me of the story by Stephen King, The Langoliers. It was an awesome book and was also made into a movie. I wonder if Stephen King might of got the idea from this story.
    Awesome story! Peace & love 🙂

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Yeah it does bare a few similarities to that story line – awesome book by the way ( I love Stephen King! ). Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion. Nice to hear from you again 🙂

  2. Hi, what a fantastic article. I love the idea of time travel and it really fascinates me. I hope eventually it becomes everyday reality.

    1. Hi James,
      Glad you enjoyed the article we put up. The way technology is moving these days you never know – time travel could be just around the corner 🙂

  3. Yes, the existence of parallel dimensions are always there, only if we could see or sense it. This truth and other secrets of the universe are explained simply and thoroughly in the book Falun Gong by Master Li Hongzhi, in which there is an explanation of this particular incident (Chapter 1, Part 4 (4) The Third Eye_Dimensions. Online reading available here )
    Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) is an ancient practice for the benefits of both mind and body. It is a tremendous privilege for those who come across and read it. Highly recommend it for everyone. Cheers.

    1. Hey there Gary – thanks for the link mate!
      Very interesting work by Master Li Hongzhi. I’m sure our readers will find it as useful as we did.

      1. Cheers Chris, I’m glad you found it useful.
        If you have time, go on reading the whole book and do the serene exercises as well. They are tranquil and effortless and before you know it, a whole new “dimension” is presented.
        I personally do them everyday for the past 10 years and to say that the healthy reward is boundless is an understatement. Happy reading and exercising.

        1. It’s a very interesting read Garry – many versions of it in free ePub online so I’ve got it on my phone at the moment (Google Books!).

  4. For my 2¢ this has to be one of the spookiest and most believable time-slip accounts ever. Goddard – later Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard – would be about as experienced and credible a witness as could be found anywhere!

    I wish I still had the original account, but many years ago I read of a somewhat analogous event in the US. As the story went, a 1950s-era private pilot flew though a cloud (it’s always a cloud!) only to see an old-style biplane directly in his path. He banked sharply but still clipped one of the biplane’s wings, sending it downward. He reversed course in an effort to see where or whether the biplane had landed safely but wasn’t able to locate it.

    Worried that he’d caused a possibly fatal crash, he reported the incident but no one had heard anything about such a plane let alone a mid-air accident. He did some investigation on his own and uncovered mention of a similar plane having been stored in a barn in the area of the incident. When he checked it out, he found the pilot’s log … dated in the 1920s and reporting that the plane had been hit by a strange, futuristic-looking aircraft.

    As noted, any documentation I might have had is long lost so this could easily be an urban legend or a Rudolph Fentz-type tale. Even so, it makes a good time-travel yarn.

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