Vintage Halloween Ghost – A Bargoed Haunting


Vintage Halloween Ghost

​One of the last places you would expect to see a vintage Halloween ghost frequenting is a local snooker club in Wales, UK.

The Emporium in Bargoed, Caerffili is the location for this report where a local snooker player had are rather amusing encounter…

Jason And Richard

Unfortunately I was unable to find out the full names of the lads involved in this sighting so we are stuck with simply ‘Jason and Richard’.

Both lads set off to the Emporium one night to play a few frames of snooker. When they arrived they entered the building from a door near the car park and descended a narrow staircase into the reception area of the snooker hall. From here they took another set of stairs that led straight into the playing area with the tables.

Jason didn’t waste any time and started setting up the snooker table – he was desperate for a game! Richard frantically checked his pockets and realized he had left his lucky chalk in the car.

Jason scoffed at this ridiculous superstition but Richard was having none of it – he dashed back out to the car to look for this magical chalk.

When in the car his phone rang and he went through a five minute conversation with his mother.

In The Meantime…

Jason prepared the snooker table and then sat back to enjoy a cigarette before Richard returned from the car.

He relaxed with his smoke and casually looked around the snooker hall killing time until his friend returned. He noticed a woman loitering by the toilet area dressed in black but didn’t think to much of it at first.

Vintage Halloween GhostThe woman didn’t really move much and stayed in the same toilet area – Jason began to take a little more notice of her. Her clothing started to sound a few alarm bells off and on closer inspection he realized she had the appearance of a vintage Halloween ghost!

She definitely seemed to be dressed up like some sort of witch out of a fairytale. He got a little closer and concluded that she was pretty tall, wore a long black dress with shiny buttons all across her front and had a bun of hair fastened to the top of her head. She even wore the over-sized pointed witches boots you see on kid’s films!

When she noticed Jason looking at her she slowly walked from the toilets to the stairs they had used to get into the hall. She then slowly climbed the stairs and left through the doors.

Just at this moment Richard ran back in through the same doors waving his lucky chalk in the air – he must of just passed this strange ‘witch lady’ on his way back in!

Seeing Things

The two lads got down to playing their first frame of snooker and Jason began cracking a few rather cruel jokes about the strange lady that had just been in the hall.

After a few minutes he realized that Richard wasn’t really finding these jokes so amusing – he was just shrugging his shoulders at every one!

Jason suddenly felt a cold twinge of panic spread over him and he asked his friend outright if he had any idea what his jokes were about.

It then became apparent that Richard had not seen this strange ‘witch lady’ at all!

The two men knew that in all probability Richard should of passed this women on his way back in but didn’t – Jason had seen a ghost!

Granted the vintage Halloween ghost was a rather amusing apparition but an apparition all the same. No other sightings of this strange lady in costume have ever been reported at the Emporium Snooker hall.


2 comments on “Vintage Halloween Ghost – A Bargoed Haunting

  1. I wonder if anyone else in this snooker hall saw her or he was the only one. I have no idea what a snooker game is or what a snooker hall is. I assume a snooker hall is a place where you go to play a game called snooker so I’m assuming it is something like what we call a Bingo hall here. Am I right? Very interesting story. Peace & love 🙂

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Snooker is like a super version of pool – more balls and the table is twice the size 🙂
      There are loads of snooker halls across the UK, basically a place to go and play a few games and drink more than a few beers!

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