Was Jesus Christ Alien?


Was Jesus Christ Alien?

Before we go further into this article I should point out that I am in no way ‘slamming’ any sort of religion with this article, in fact I’m actually Catholic!

The article is merely highlighting fact along with people’s perceptions of these facts.

So, with that out of the way…

Was Jesus Christ alien?

If Jesus Was Alien…

Many people believe that Jesus’s alien link was uncovered as the result of joint U.S. and Israeli archaeological digs. These digs took place over quite a large span of time and started off in the actual country of Israel. They then proceeded to travel over large portions of Western Europe ( including the UK ).

Over this long search period no religious proof of any kind was unearthed until they reached the final dig destination of Scotland…

Jesus Calvary Cross

This final dig location in the wet and windy territory of Scotland finally unearthed a stunning archaeological find near Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

They came across an ancient cross that experts believe to be the Cross of Calvary. This sinister cross is thought to be the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on.

Roslin or Rosslyn Chapel
Roslin or Rosslyn Chapel

The cross allowed the team and the experts to trace a marvelous journey from it’s homeland of Israel to it’s resting place in Scotland. This was an astonishing uncovering of information but what came next was an even greater discovery…

Was Jesus Christ Alien?

When they examined the cross further they actually managed to find minute traces of blood within it’s build. It didn’t take long for them to figure out who this blood probably belonged to.

They now knew that they probably had their hands on the actual DNA of Jesus – it was sent for testing at once.

The DNA analysis brought back some positively stunning results. Unlike the Double Helix DNA of modern humans, the DNA recovered from the cross was Triple Helix.

This meant that the species that had left this blood on the cross was not from any humanoid form on Earth. The scientists involved in the study gave this new species the title of Homo Superioris.

Homo Superioris

Many ufologists believe that the Homo Superioris race lived on Earth centuries before us humans came along. A small section of them also believe that they never left this planet!

If Jesus Was AlienThis group believe the Homo Superioris fled the harsh conditions of our young planet by creating a second world underground. They are thought to be an extremely peaceful race and that is why Jesus was sent to the surface of our world.

He was apparently a messenger of peace for their race who was sent to stop all the cruelty of man taking place in our early nations.

Homo Superioris are thought to have extreme paranormal powers that they use to protect themselves from our hate. Many believe that Jesus was able to transport himself away from the Cross of Calvary and heal himself instantly. This is how he managed to reappear to disciples days later.

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9 comments on “Was Jesus Christ Alien?

  1. This is quite interesting but I still believe the bible’s version.

    I don’t understand the biology of blood, but there could only be one man who ever lived who’s DNA would be different from all other humans and that man is Jesus. Given the fact (to me bible is fact) that Jesus was part half human (through Mary) and half divine or spirit (through His Father, Yahweh) it makes sense that His DNA was different.

    Very interesting read though.

    Oh and by the way, I only just discovered you site today and I must say that I am finding it interesting. Thanks for the posts.

    1. Hi Lyndah, nice to see you here!
      Your points are very valid on Jesus’s DNA, thanks for taking the time to leave them here 🙂

  2. Carbon decay via the pineal gland could explain the possible self mutation/rapid evolution. Carbon decaying at a rapid rate would cause a glow from releasing excess neutrons. “Jesus glowed on top of my.sania before he sacriced his life for us on the cross. Could explain angels being described as having glowing halos. Amen

  3. We all know that Rosslyn is associated with the Knights Templars…whether thats true or not I dont pretend to know either way…but I am interested in the background to claims rather than accept at face value if it suits my beliefs…so, I was wondering when the US/Israeli dig near Rosslyn took place and if a cross was found,do we know what happened to it….

    1. Hi Richard, there are many articles online covering the case ( in more detail than the one above! ). Have a quick search through Google and you will fall upon a great deal more detailed/technical info!

  4. I’ve heard this conclusion before. I think from that Billy miers (sp?) case. He states something similar even though his claims have been disproved others haven’t. Might add a little credence to that particular claim.

  5. In the Bible it clearly states in the Lord’s Pray (Our Father with are in Heaven) it does not
    say (Our Father with are Underneath). So I Believe there is Higher being.

    1. Okay Morris, thanks for contributing your opinion, but are you saying you don’t agree with the article? We don’t mind either way – it’s just that your comment viewpoint is a little confusing?

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