Was Marilyn Monroe Killed?

Was Marilyn Monroe Killed?

On the 5th of August, 1962, Marilyn Monroe died in her elaborate Brentwood, Los Angeles, home.

The main housekeeper to the property, Eunice Murray, found her dead body and proceeded to call her personal psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson, before alerting authorities.

She died at the relatively young age of 36.

After her autopsy the corner informed the public that she had died through an overdose of the nervous system depressants called barbiturates.

Some people believe there was a lot more to her death than meets the eye…

Was It Suicide?

Rumor has it that in the weeks leading up to her death she was incredibly distressed and erratic.

Even the corner’s report covered the fact that she had been a bit unstable and had even considered suicide in the months leading up to her demise.

Was It An Accident?

Many years after her death reports started to surface regarding the frequency of Monroe’s overdose ‘slip ups’.

One London based British newspaper (The Metro) recently published an article claiming the actress had overdosed several times before her death.

Was It Murder?

An overwhelming amount of conspiracy theorists believe the Kennedys murdered Monroe, or that the Kennedys at least had a hand in her death.

Both President John F. Kennedy and then his brother Robert F. Kennedy are thought to have had secret affairs with the sex symbol.

It is widely believed that the two Kennedy brothers disclosed important political secrets to Monroe during their relationships.

Marilyn Monroe - I believe that everything happens for a reason

An investigative reporter named Jay Margolis and New York Times best-selling author Richard Buskin wrote a book on the subject named The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed.

In the book they point to Robert F. Kennedy and his brother-in-law and actor Peter Lawford being behind the murder arrangement.

This plan was (apparently) carried out through lethal injection via enema.

We now know that no traces of the barbiturates were found inside her stomach at the autopsy. We also know that no sign of a drink was found in her bedroom that night…

How did she wash the pills down?

There also wasn’t any vomit, which is usually what happens when a person overdoses.

What do you think – was Marilyn Monroe killed or was this nothing but a cry for help taken a little too far?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

6 comments on “Was Marilyn Monroe Killed?

  1. I would pump my brakes a bit when it comes to the murder theory in this case. It is kind of weird that they found no traces of barbiturates in her system during the autopsy, but I’m still not sold on the murder thing.

    If Marilyn Monroe was killed with a lethal injection, then her killer would’ve had to get close enough to her to administer it, if not on the night she died then at least the previous day. Did Monroe meet anyone that could have wanted her dead on the last day of her life? Was there any sign of breaking and entering in her home, or any sign that she wasn’t alone there?

    I really don’t know the answers for sure to all those questions, I’m mostly just asking you. But unless the answer to at least some of those questions is ‘yes’, I’ll continue to call her death self-inflicted, whether intentional or not. Seems a fair bit easier to believe.

    1. Fair enough Andrew – we accept all opinions here!

      Thanks for taking the time to share your’s with us in the comment section 🙂

  2. Good article, I’ve read a number of articles/books about the death of Marilyn Monroe, and this is one of the interesting ones, you can tell you’ve taken the time to research the details.
    Another detail that I’ve come across regarding her death, is that she always had a red diary with her that she wrote everything in, as she was known to have problems recalling details at a later date, she apparently wrote everything she talked about on the phone to people including the Kennedy’s, after she died the red diary could not be found and still hasn’t been found.
    Something else is that Marilyn’s housekeeper and psychiatrist, have not always been credible witnesses as their version of what happened changed all the time, which has raised suspicions over the years.
    Also Marilyn employed a relative of her housekeeper part time to do gardening etc, and he was at the house on the day she died, but was never questioned fully by the police, he was witness to visitors to her house that day that have not been investigated either.
    Myself, I lean more towards the murder theory, as too many things don’t add up to explain it away as a suicide. thanks for the interesting article

    1. Hiya Angel,

      Good shout about the red diary – did not know about that and it didn’t turn up in our research. Thanks for taking the time to include that point with our article (it helps the content evolve!) 🙂

  3. I just wanted to comment about the diary mentioned above. I think that if it was suicide, intentional or accidental, any diary would have still been taken. She associated with too many powerful people for any diary to be left for police or reporters to read through.

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