What Happened to The Sodder Children?

What Happened to The Sodder Children?

Tragedy struck the Sodder family on Christmas Eve of 1945 when their home mysteriously burned to the ground. The blaze was apparently linked back to defective Christmas tree lights.

Two sons and two daughters managed to survive the tragic inferno but the five middle children disappeared without a trace – no human remains were found in the aftermath.


George and Jennie Sodder refused to believe that five of their children disappeared into thin air and began to suspect a kidnapping scenario. Was the fire actually a cover-up for the abduction of their children?

Was the fire actually a cover-up for the abduction of their children?

They decided to pool whatever money the family had left and hire as many talented detectives as possible – they needed to know what had happened to their missing kids.

The detectives managed to locate several different eyewitnesses that backed up George and Jennie’s theory…

The Family Mystery

In 1968 the surviving members of the Sodder family received a strange photograph with a message printed on it’s back:

“Louis Sodder, I love brother, Frankie. Ilil boys A90132 (or 90135)”

The family members immediately linked the image to the missing children and hired the services of Detective C.C. Tinsley to find out more about it.

He was set the task of trying to find out who had sent it and where it had originated from. A few days into his investigation he just seemed to vanish – nobody ever heard from him again!


The family eventually had a billboard erected near the burned down remains of their house. It was put in place so that the public could see the extent of the mystery and maybe come forward with new evidence.

George Sodder eventually died in 1969; Jennie in 1988. Unfortunately, the billboard now no longer stands.

The family eventually had a billboard erected near the burned down remains of their house

Conspiracy theorists speculate that the five missing children were abducted by an illegal child-selling agency that was linked directly to the local police (who refused to open an investigation into the children’s whereabouts shortly after the fire).

Another theory relates to an argument the Sodder adult members had with a neighbor about two months before the fire took place.

This neighbor had tried to sell them life insurance and during the argument had claimed that their house would burn down and their children would disappear.

This neighbor was also a member of the coroner’s jury which ruled the fire accidental…

What Happened to The Sodder Children?

So what actually happened to the missing Sodder children? If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. That’s such a creepy story! I remember reading that there were organs found allegedly, but when tested they turned out to be animal organs, obviously planted there.

    1. Hi once again Kellie! 🙂

      I actually did not know about the organs found at the scene – thank you so much for mentioning this point and taking the time to include it with our article (good shout!). It does sound like they were an elaborate plant…

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