Where is Jimmy Hoffa Buried?

Where is Jimmy Hoffa Buried?

James Riddle Hoffa disappeared somewhere in Detroit on July the 31st, 1975 – at the time he was considered one the most influential, and powerful, American labor leaders of the 20th century.

What happened to this popular figure?

Did he meet an untimely end and if so – where is Jimmy Hoffa buried?


Hoffa was born into a very poor coal mining family from Indiana in 1913 – but lack of money never really managed to hold him back…

At the tender age of 20 he started to exhibit strong leadership qualities when he led a labor strike in Detroit. He remained an advocate for mistreated workers for the remainder of his working life.

After these initial strikes and demonstrations, the Teamsters took note of his strong charisma and leadership – they took him on and he rose through their ranks with ease.

At the time, the Teamsters were still a relatively new movement. They were known for collecting trucker contracts through the use of strikes and boycotts.

They were also suspected of using ‘less legal’ techniques to achieve the goals of their workforce.

The Top of The Ladder

In 1957, Hoffa took up the post of president of the Teamsters due to their previous leader being collared for bribery charges.

Within months of taking up the post – he was near enough a celebrity.

The Top of The Ladder

He was well known for his caring and approachable manner, he displayed unflagging devotion to the workers below him, not matter what their level.

He became well known for his famous quote…

“You got a problem? Call me. Just pick up the phone.”

The Dark Side

On the outside, Hoffa seemed like a dream leader – caring, dedicated, electrifying and effective…but he also had a dark side.

Hoffa and his Teamster associates were known for mixing with high level mafia members – they were linked to numerous cases of racketeering, extortion and embezzlement.

The American government decided that enough was enough during the early 60’s, and Hoffa was consequently the subject of several government investigations.

His luck seemed to run out in 1967 when he was caught out on a bribery charge. At the end of his trial he was sentenced to 13 years behind bars.

The Disappearance

Richard Nixon eventually commuted Hoffa’s sentence in 1971, but his release came with a strong condition – he was not allowed to take part in any sort of union activity for a decade.

Hoffa decided to take this restriction to court, and fight his corner, when he disappeared suddenly in Detroit.

he disappeared suddenly in Detroit

Many believe that he disappeared from a local restaurant car park – a stone’s throw away from where he started his successful journey as a labor organizer.

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

Were the links he had to the mafia just too strong?

Did he stumble upon information that was not meant for him?

The truth remains unknown.

4 comments on “Where is Jimmy Hoffa Buried?

  1. Someone out there knows who really killed JFK but they will never reveal it. Someone else (unless it’s the same person or persons) knows what happened to Jimmy Hoffa too, and they are never going to make it public. It’s just another of those “cones of silence” out there which people will speculate about for decades or centuries.

    1. Totally agree – I’d go as far as saying whole organizations know this information. We never really know who pulls the strings at the top – money talks after all!

  2. “He says”— “she says”— “they say”—- “we say”—- EVERYBODY THINKS they know where Jimmy is dumped! But let’s ignore the so-called “testimony” and do some simple Sherlockian deduction. The clue to the “resting-place” of Jimmy Hoffa lies in the landscape near the restaurant.They— whoever “they” are— lured him to a supposed rondezvous at the then-named site of the “Machus Red Fox Restaurant” on Telegraph Road. “They” waited until the restaurant was closed to pick him up, and had him leave his car there in the restaurant parking lot. Becausee he was supposed to be going to a meeting with Mafioli he knew well, they did this with the OBVIOUS intention of killing him; since “THEY” could have simply met with him at his home so he didn’t need to be going anywhere. But the idea was Jimmy WAS going SOMEWHERE—- somewhere he’d NEVER be coming back from. The ONLY sensible reason to pick him up at the restaurant was because they were going to KILL him IMMEDIATELY with a silencer .22 shot to the back of the head as he sat in the front seat of the car and proceed to the NEARBY DUMPING AREA of the body! Therefore, they shot him after he got in and as they were pulling around the restaurant, behind which there was NOT back then the modern shopping strip complex there is now, and drove out onto West Maple Road heading west, then up Franklin Street leading to the “embarkation” point at WING LAKE. There, they took the body out of the car and crammed it into a 75 gallon oil drum stored in the trunk, which they filled with concrete powder and mixed with water to weigh it down before sealing the barrel closed and dumping it into the lake. Goodbye Jimmy!

    The restaurant was in the “lakeland area” of Detroit and there are numerous ones to the north of it. THAT’S WHY he was lured to the restaurant—- and the “joke” was that “THEY” would keep investigators guessing WHICH lake he was dumped in. Of course the hardest to dredge would be the biggest— which Wing Lake was one of.

    lF you want to find the remains of Jimmy Hoffa, then DREDGE WING LAKE!

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