Who Are Shadow People?

Who Are Shadow People?

The strange dark human shapes that continuously invade your peripheral vision, who are shadow people and what do they want?

Heidi Hollis

In 2002 paranormal author Heidi Hollis made an appearance on Coast to Coast AM radio talk. Her normal interviews would revolve around one of her publications but this particular day she was at the radio station for another reason.

She was on the show to promote the existence of Shadow People – beings of negative energy that are all around us.

The radio host that day was a man named Art Bell and he had been trying his best to promote the idea of Shadow People many weeks before Hollis’s show appearance.

The mix of Hollis’s beliefs and Bell’s sense of mischief led to the radio show being inundated with callers. People were ringing up to explain about their experiences with the so called ‘Shadow People’.

Hollis was swiftly offered a contract by the radio station and she became a weekly feature of the Coast to Coast AM radio talk show. Her weekly segment was always dedicated to the topic of Shadow People.


Much like the viral feel of The Slender Man, the idea of Shadow People quickly spread to every corner of the internet.

But The Slender Man was a known fable – a number of religions, legends, and belief systems throughout history have made various references to shadow entities.

Two examples of Shadow People

Numerous online forums were invaded by people claiming to have come into contact with these shadowy figures. Many of these witnesses believed the entities to be menacing creatures out to harm them.

A number of paranormal authors followed Hollis’s beliefs and began to publish their own take on Shadow People. Some of these authors even claimed that the creatures were helpful entities sent from another dimension.

One of these paranormal authors named Chad Stambaugh insists that he has many examples of captured video footage of the entities.

Who Are The Shadow People?

Many medical experts believe that these shadowy figures are the result of  physiological and psychological conditions. One such condition is thought to be sleep paralysis.

Many sufferers of this sleeping condition claim to see some sort of shadow figure approach them when they first slip into this state. It is thought that this shadow illusion is the cause of the heightened panic sleep paralysis brings about.

Many psychiatrists believe that elevated emotions contribute to the apparition of Shadow People. For example, that feeling you get when walking home alone in the dark – what’s that you just saw out of the corner of your eye?

Ghostly Shadow People

Numerous speed addicts ( methamphetamine ) has reported contact with shadowy entities and are convinced they are real. Scientists believe that these addicts are hallucinating due to the amount of sleep they miss out on.

One interviewed addict subject said that:

“You don’t see shadow dogs or shadow birds or shadow cars. You see shadow people. Standing in doorways, walking behind you, coming at you on the sidewalk.”

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  1. In 10 years of paranormal experiance there has been a number of ocassions I may have seen one but with out proof and being somewhat annalitical I would opt to chalk it up to a mispeception visually . I do although believe they are out there , perhaps from a different dimension and like souls and other non-human spirits exist in a different frequency than us in the natural world . Also , for the most part I don’t believe they play well with others , hence need their a$$ kicked back to wence they came/belong . Peace

  2. Myself and both my children have seen them for years. I certainly didn’t mention them to my kids in the first instance. I waited until they asked me about them before I admitted to seeing them too. I have only experienced ‘sleep paralysis’ once in my life; but never saw a shadow person. Every time I have seen them, I have been awake and going about my day as normal. That also generally means I was not in a state of elevated emotion. My children and I are also not speed addicts suffering from lack of sleep. Obviously the people who made those comments, have not experienced ANY of the above… :/

    1. Hi Cap,

      Thanks for taking the time to add to this article – very interesting opinion on the subject. I hope your kids don’t feel too much fear through these encounters?

  3. I’ve experienced not necessarily a shadow person but a dark shadow of some kind. I was up early one morning working at the computer when I heard movement from a dark hallway that made me look up. As I was looking up I saw a small, black mass going through the doorway into the dark hallway. I questioned myself for a long time about if I really saw what I thought I saw but the fact remains that I actually HEARD it.

    1. That’s a pretty cool report Nikki – the fact that you actually heard the presence is a key point! Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

  4. I saw a FULL ON shadow man yesterday morning while running at 5:30AM. He was standing on the sidewalk ahead of me, maybe 30 feet (I was running in the street.) There was just a black shape. No hair or clothes detected. There was a street light directly on the other side of the street so the area was lit. He saw me and then ducked away. There is nothing but a metal fence running the length of the neighborhood along that sidewalk. Needless to say, there wasn’t anything there when I passed by. I didn’t feel scared or have feelings of dread. I was just surprised. My mother is extremely sensitive so that’s probably why I didn’t freak out.

  5. a week before my dad passed same day same time of his death, i was on my break at work, and decided to sleep in my car but not fully sleep just resting. when i looked at the back seat i see a hooded person with black smoke for a face and some eyes. i tried to attack it with my left arm, but just kept going though it, i did not know what to do, then i remembered that muslims should recite surah 2 verse 255, when dealing with black magic, ghost, jinns anything supernatural. I was lucky i just memorized it in that year. as i was reading it, the shadow started to fade, and completely gone, it was around 4am. i am only sharing this as i have found others who have also experienced this.

    after all islam is the only religion gives explanations of such beings and protection from them, i see white people now talking about the jinn as if they knew about them all along. Please stop hating because i mentioned islam, Bible mentions world being flat, quran says it shaped like an ostrich egg . Please take the religion seriously as it is very scientific it even mentions the big bang theory. just google it.

  6. I’ve seen the shadow people every night! I’m suffering from sleep paralysis for 11 years. It scared the shit out of me every night? I’ve heard footsteps screaming whispering and then I see him! I can’t move can’t scream! It’s scary as hell… Sometimes he comes to me and choke me of pulls my legs!! Just a view years I suffered pain in all my body if I have an episode of sleep paralysis!

  7. once when i was younger , i was sleeping in our lounge area with my cousin (it was a sleep over so we had to sleep on the couches) , i remember waking up to see a large hooded figure with no face taping my shoulder trying to wake me up, i looked straight into its face (even though it didn’t have one) and even blinked a few times because i simply couldn’t believe what i was seeing. Then a second figure appeared from the side of my view, it was tall , cloaked and this skull face similar to the one from those scream movies and it had this deep , distinct laugh , it swept across the room and suddenly began to slowly disappear along with the previous figure. during the whole experience my heart was racing and the fear i felt during that moment was unforgettable. afterwards i simply went back to sleep and for a few years i thought i had a genuine supernatural encounter until i had read about sleep paralysis. what does chill my bones is that fact that there are people who had the exact same experience , what causes our minds to make us see these dark figures ? , could it really be something of a spiritual nature ? i do hope i never hear that cold , devilish laugh again.

    1. It certainly does sound like a bout of sleep paralysis Shailin, maybe one of the visitors commenting here could enlighten you further…

  8. I read about this some time ago, and started to research. Asked my little sister aswell if she has seen this, and she said yes. No one in my family ever seen them, neither have i.
    We are not religius and after some research it seems as if religius people get it often, or atleast just people with a slight amount of faith?
    But anyway, my sister claims to believe in god and stuff, and i decided to ask her about. I thought she was kidding but she gave me a whole explanation about how it looked.
    “It had like a hoodie and it never does anything, just stands there, and i the blink of an eye, gone” I asked Hoodie? She then said it was something with a cape and a hood. I thought to myself, she is 8, come on!
    Turns fucking out, that so many people report to have seen the hooded figure! OMFG
    It frecked out so hard. I couldnt sleep, i am afraid of it. So scared, i dont believe in supernatural things, but her. I dont know any more.

    But, if i am to be honest i believe people dream this, they dream that they are awake, and see this, and in the dream they cant move, they can only breath, only watch. And when they finally move again, they are awake again.

    And again, i think that only slighty believing people see them. It after all takes some imagination, but then again. So many people see this hooded figure!??! I dont believe it. I wont believe. I am fully into science but this makes me doubt it!

    1. Lol these scientists aren’t even aware of their own soul yet they wouldn’t be aware of existence without it. According to scientists the soul weighs 30 grams? ?? It’s more spiritual than that. How utterly fucking depressing would this life be if this was all there is? They’re real babe trust me plus there is too much proof. I’m not even trying to convince you I’m flat out telling you they exist

      1. Scientists will never believe in the concept of a soul. My best mate, and godfather to my eldest son, is a biochemist over in America now. Try having a conversation with him about the soul…I end up throwing things at him! 🙂

  9. Awesome site, glad I stumbled here.
    When my downstairs neighbor passed away, I kept seeing shadows or something dark moving in the hallway out of the corner of my eye. When I would look straight on they would disappear. They weren’t an adult person size, but small, like a dog or cat size. When she was laid to rest a few days later, it stopped. Same exact thing happened when my dad passed, small spots in the hallway that stopped when he was laid to rest. In between I’ve had other people in my life pass and haven’t seen anything. I recently lost a cousin and I was almost expecting to see the same thing, but it never happened. I never told anyone until now.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Wow thanks for sharing that with us. Any idea why it only seemed to happen after your neighbor and father passed? Were you maybe very close with your neighbor?

  10. It’s not hallucinations it’s just that level your on that sleep deprivation causes. It allows you to access that level or frequency you tune into before sleep and waking, that’s where they are. Same as ghosts, and most other trippy things people blame drugs for but it’s actually that frequency your tuning into (and probably the drugs lol) that’s when you see them because your on their level / frequency / dimension whatever you wanna call it. That’s also why shamans deprive themselves of food and sleep’ to allow themselves to have prophetic visions. I don’t know who or what they are but they feed off fear and depression, it keeps the person down and makes themselves stronger off that sadness your vibrating, they grow stronger off of that. i don’t like them my friend has one in hers it doesn’t phase me at all but if she’s ever down i get her out of there. They are intriguing though but if you do have one you need to get happy!

  11. The Hooded Figures depend on the setting. If seen near a place of occuring death (hospitals) they are often just Reapers (Psychopomps). The robes are a sign of office for trainees and for official functions. They rarely wear them after training unless they feel The Recently Dead will respond best to it. Scythes are only formed when they are “Hunting” or in an area where a Shade might be.

    The Hat Man is a common image that spread from The South. Its a more common appearance in The South where Papa Legba is more well known. Look up Lwa/Loa. They aren’t actually loa or Legba though. Legba is generally friendly and sweet. He gives off a pleasant Expression (aura of presence).

    These Hat Men are often men who died during the 30-50s, black wisps or a feeling of nausea or crawling skin is a sign they are Shades. Shades will generally only directly attack The Living if they realise they can be seen or the person is sensitive. Mostly they capture, torture, and devour other ghosts and effigies to live longer and get stronger. They are often seen near places where people die suddenly or painfully (prisons, bad places along roads, old battlefields).

    Unlike most ghosts and effigies, they are self-aware and dangerous.

    Source: I’m a Necromancer/Psychopomp. These are what I deal with.

    1. Hi Mugami,

      Very interesting outlook you have there – thanks for taking the time to cover a few of these points. We have your email address saved and were wondering if we could contact you on this subject (and subjects related directly to it)?

  12. Witnessed hat man and his shorter pal – shorter pal rendered me unconscious with an “orb” which it delivered from beneath its shawl (i.e. was wearing a material which camaouflaged). Not a dream as I had never heard of shadow people until after the event, and did not have dream-like quality i.e. was 100% visually defined. No encounter since, was a one off event at the age of 48. Still searching for explanation but likely an alien encounter. Time to grow up homo sapiens – religion is the hallucination.

  13. I’ve seen one few years ago, a brown silhouette in front of me in my chamber and I was like hypnotized and that smelled humidity

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