Who Built Stonehenge?

Who Built Stonehenge?

The most famous prehistoric monument that began construction about 5,000 years ago, and the unique stone circle was apparent;y erected in the late Neolithic period about 2500 BC.

One of the most famous landmarks in the United Kingdom, Stonehenge is regarded as a British cultural icon…but who built Stonehenge?

Why was it built?

The documentary above was released on YouTube by the Naked Science channel, here is the video description they included with the video release:

“Stonehenge, England’s most mysterious ancient monument, on a site older than the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. 85 massive stones, some weighing more than 40 tonnes, stand guard on a remote and wind-swept plain. Why is it here, what is it for, how was it built? The answers are lost in the mists of time. Myth links Stonehenge to England’s mysterious druids, Celtic priests said to have practiced ritual sacrifice. What we do know is that some of the rocks at Stonehenge were transported more than 200 miles across the waters of England’s widest tidal estuary. Naked Science demonstrates how these stones could have been carried such a vast distance, and raised into place, using just the primitive technology possessed by Ancient Britons almost 5000 years ago. And, for the first time, the film employs modern forensic investigation techniques to examine human skeletons found near the site and recreates the face of one man who may have worked on the construction of this astonishing, ancient structure.”

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