Who Was The Babushka Lady?

Who Was The Babushka Lady?

On the afternoon of November the 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in a public assassination. FBI and CIA investigators immediately began rounding up spectators and witnesses to find out who had seen what.

Anyone who was in the process of filming or taking photographs that day were given special attention…well their footage was anyway!

Back in the 60’s the footage was not exactly the iPhone quality, but never the less, it provided evidence that has since been examined over and over.

When the shooting began it was a complete panic – bystanders fled for cover causing witness statements to conflict one another.

The footage gathered that day became even more important to the investigating authorities…

The Lady

Several of the photographs taken showed a woman with what appears to be some sort of camera, pointing it directly at the president as he was gunned down.

Her vantage point of the the assassination is second to none as she is as close to the street as a bystander could actually get.

She is wearing light tan (or light brown) scarf over her head that bears resemblance to a Russian Babushka – earning her the nickname of the ‘Babushka Lady’.

woman with what appears to be some sort of camera

She appears in many photographs and a famous video taken by Marie Muchmore, a spectator of the motorcade. As (bad) luck would have it – Muchmore never manages to catch the front view of the Babushka Lady – she has her back to the camera throughout the whole captured movie.

The photographs gathered are also of bad angles – nobody could identify this strange lady.

Who Was The Babushka Lady?

As soon as the shooting started everyone bolted in the direction they thought safest – except for the Babushka Lady simply carried on filming the procession.

The investigating officials became more and more interested in this woman by the minute…

The FBI decided to put out yet another plea for footage from that fateful day – but still the Babushka Lady did not come forward.

Photo of The Babushka Lady

A few months later a Dallas film developer told a handful of FBI officials that he had developed a single color slide. He said that the owner of the slide was a quiet woman he had not seen before.

When he was quizzed further the developer admitted that the blurry slide was probably taken from the spot where the strange lady had filmed on November the 22nd.

Beverly Oliver

In 1970 a woman named Beverly Oliver came forward and told the press that she was the Babushka Lady. She said that the FBI had actually caught up with her on the day of the shooting and had taken her camera away.

She also claimed that this camera was never returned to her.

The mystery was over…or was it?

When questioned further Oliver gladly gave over the details of the camera she was using that day – a model that did not come into production until years after the assassination.

Similarly, witnesses who had been standing near the Babushka Lady stated Oliver was not nearby.

Oliver was only 17 in 1963 and she was of a slim build. The Babushka Lady looks a lot older than 17 and also seems to have a much heavier build.

The search goes on…

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  1. Easy answer: she wasn’t afraid of a possible assassin probably shooting in her direction plus she used a camera that wasn’t invented yet and wore a coat that doesn’t look contemporary = a time traveler!
    What happened to my other post about the missing thunderbird photo & time travel? I posted it before this one and I don’t see it anymore? Hmmm.
    Now this webpage is saying that I am submitting this (post) too quickly -WHAT!?

    1. Don’t worry – it’s just the site moderation we have here for security reasons – all comments eventually get through (we just have to filter out the nutters that we sometimes get leaving comments!) 🙂

      Yep I like the time travel theory mate, and the fact that she really didn’t seem that bothered about bullets flying off everywhere!

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