Why Was Mowgli Palace Abandoned?

Why Was Mowgli Palace Abandoned?

It was set to be the new jewel in Disney’s crown – a $30 million park named ‘Mowgli’s Palace’ which was based on the famous animation (and the Rudyard Kipling story).

But why was Mowgli Palace abandoned just as it was set for its Grand Opening?

The Mowgli Palace Resort

Numerous accounts point to this Disney venture being cursed from the start. The locals to the area (Emerald Isle) were up in arms about Disney creating this new resort and they were not exactly over the moon about the mass of tourists that would arrive.

Disney didn’t seem to care – they started construction as soon as they bought the land, and the project was finished within a year.

Then, just as Mowgli’s Palace was set for its Grand Opening, the entire project was abruptly shut down.

The Mowgli Palace Resort

The staff were simply told that their jobs were gone, the park was completely chained up and there were no public announcements.

All of the records of the park’s design and construction were completely expunged.

Christopher Wolf

A blogger named Christopher Wolf decided to try and investigate the park after he heard friends talking about it’s sudden closure and the damage the ‘fired’ staff caused after they were sent packing.

He eventually managed to locate the area from a promotional map Disney had mass-mailed shortly before the impressive new resort was to open.

By this point the park had been looted several times and was completely overgrown with local foliage.

Wolf had no problems getting in…but claims that the park felt ‘wrong’ shortly after he stepped onto it’s grounds.

The Whispers

Wolf claims that he started to hear whispers and tiny fragments of conversation around every corner of the park. He also claimed that these ‘voices’ seemed to get worse when inside the central Palace structure.

There were two voices behind these whispers – as if a couple of people were having a distant and fragmented conversation with one another.

The Whispers

As he ventured further into the abandoned palace he stumbled across a stairway leading down to a closed white door – this door seemed to be the only part of the park that was not touched by vandalism.

The sign on the door read ‘Mascots Only’.

Wolf managed to pry the door open, and get inside.

To his surprise – the interior was near enough in perfect condition, like it had only just been abandoned. lights were still on, clocks still worked, miscellaneous paperwork and office supplies arranged on desks – there was even employee’s clothing left hanging in the cupboards.

It seemed as though the area had been evacuated suddenly in haste.

Further Down…

Wolf left this main room and ventured down a corridor that seemed to have a slight slope to it – he felt as if he was walking deeper into the depths of the park.

This area was not like the room he had just been in – something had happened here!

The lights flickered on and off and important looking papers were thrown all about the place, left floating on the flooded floor.

When he tried to touch any object in the corridor, it felt weirdly soft and porous, as if it was in the process of dissolving.

Character Prep 1

The corridor eventually led to a door that read ‘Character Prep 1’ – but this door was locked shut.

Wolf turned away to walk back up the corridor, then he suddenly heard a ‘popping’ sound. He turned back around to see that the door had now somehow opened.

Inside the room, he couldn’t find the light switch, so he started using the flash on his camera to illuminate the room. Without warning – the lights suddenly flickered on.

He found himself surrounded by classic Disney character suits.

But something seemed off with certain characters…

The Mickey Mouse costume seemed to have all the wrong colors on it – the figure looked like a photo-negative of Mickey, with the black and white coloring inverted.

The famous red overalls were colored blue.

He then noticed that the Donald Duck costume had a damaged, rotten head to it. When he lifted the head piece a human skull fell straight out and smashed on the floor.

Character Prep 1

Completely freaked out, Wolf turned to run back into the corridor…only to find that the Mickey Mouse costume was standing up and blocking the doorway!

The costume suddenly spoke to him, in a hushed version of the famous Mickey voice…

“Hey, wanna see my head come off?”

Wolf darted around the costume and headed straight for the door, as he did, he noticed a scrawled sign above the doorway which read ABANDONED BY GOD.

As he ran down the corridor he claims to have heard the sound of a human head being ripped off, and a splashing sound on the floor behind him.

Truth or Hoax?

Christopher Howard Wolf never posted his photographs of Mowgli’s Palace and only ever posted one article on the subject.

Authorities claim that there was never a Disney park in the first place – it was nothing more than a urban legend, or myth.

But Wolf was not the only person who claimed to have been inside this creepy location…and one investigator even uncovered this image from Google Earth…

Christopher Howard Wolf

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject of Mowgli Palace, please leave them in the comment section below.

5 comments on “Why Was Mowgli Palace Abandoned?

    1. Haha, this made us laugh!
      Google is certainly NOT your friend when it comes to this sort of thing!
      There are about 1000 different claims of hoax on this subject, all from different sources, all quoting different hoaxers.
      On the flip side of the coin – there are millions of people who hold different types of evidence (all of which is obviously not legit) on Mowgli Palace. There are even people that claim to have been on the staff roll there!
      So, Google could never be our friend when it comes to any of the subjects we publish – we have to sit on the fence…which is an ability Google could never have! 🙂

    1. Really difficult question to answer I’m afraid – so many angles of this report are stuck in ‘dark corners’ which have led to the urban legend status. There are suggestions online, but more than one I’m afraid (which is why we opted not to publish them here!)

    2. If this place is real ( witch i think it doesn’t) it was definitely not in emerald isle nc. I have lived in Carteret county nc nearly thirty years and have a family beach house in emerald isle. The story I read says it was built in the late nineties. Well the first I every even heard of this place is today, I can’t even go to the bar without five people telling my wife they saw me there. So i am 100 % positive this place is not in emerald isle because if it was me and my friends would have broken into it in high school and smoked weed. Emerald isle is a very small town in witch is a mile wide at it’s widest with the sound on one said and the Atlantic ocean on the other. The Google maps picture is not the outer Banks of nc just looking at the color of the water tells you that. Our water is beautiful and blue no doubt but it is not that clear. This picture is most likely somewhere in Florida. And if that’s not enough again I have lived there close to 3 decades and driven nearly every inch of emerald isle and there is no Mowgli palace

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