Why Was Princess Diana Killed?

Why Was Princess Diana Killed?

Diana, the Princess of Wales, died tragically on August 31, 1997. Trying to escape the harassment of the paparazzi while staying in Paris, Diana and her romantic companion Dodi Al-Fayed fled the Ritz Hotel in a car on the night of August 30, 1997.

The driver, Henri Paul, was hired from the Ritz. Five photographers on motorcycles relentlessly pursued Diana’s car, causing the driver from the Ritz to eventually falter in the Alma Tunnel, where Diana’s car fatally crashed into the Tunnel wall.

Police reports from the scene of the accident describe its severity, saying that the car’s radiator had been hurled into the lap of the front-seat passenger.

Both the driver and Al-Fayed were killed in the crash and a bodyguard was heavily injured. Diana initially survived the crash and was admitted to a Paris hospital for intensive care but she had sustained severe internal bleeding and suffered from cardiac arrest and eventually succumbed to her injuries on the morning of August 31, 1997.

The cause of her death was undeniably the injuries she had sustained as a result of the car crash in the Alma Tunnel. However, was the crash an accident, or planned?

The investigation revealed that driver Henri Paul had been inebriated, and so the blame for the crash was finally placed on him.

However, key bits of ignored or unexplained evidence that were uncovered during this investigation suggest that Diana was not a victim in a car accident, but rather a target of murder.

Henri Paul’s Autopsy

Doubt was soon shed on the authenticity of the proposed reason for the car crash: the drunken state of driver Henri Paul.

Some suggest that the high alcohol reading in Paul’s autopsy is fake; that the sample could have been left out unrefrigerated, which would allow for the growth of yeast to occur in the sample and create an false positive for alcoholic consumption.

Records also could not be found of Paul drinking at any of the bars around the Ritz hotel or near his home on the day of the accident.

Many supposed that the blood sample labeled as Paul’s was not actually his, but DNA testing revealed that it did belong to him.

Without the undeniable validity of the state’s given reason for Diana’s murder, people began to more closely reexamine and reinterpret results of the investigation.

The Cameras

All 11 of the CCTV cameras along the route that Diana’s car had traveled from the Ritz to the crash site had mysteriously been turned off after 9pm on the night of August 30.

This lack of oversight along the route of the car sparked serious suspicion, as the absence of photos only increased the level of uncertainty about the events of that car ride on August 30th.

The Second Car

Eye-witness accounts of the crash acquired during the investigation yielded another interesting fact: people had seen two cars on the road shortly before the crash.

One was the blue Mercedes that Diana rode in, and the second was a white Uno 45. The presence of another car on the road is not unusual in itself, except that streaks of white paint were found on the wrecked carcass of the Mercedes that Diana had ridden in.

Princess Diana

The paint was tested and found to belong to the white Uno, which was reported to have entered the tunnel along with Diana’s, suggesting that the cars had scraped and contacted each other at some point inside the tunnel.

However, despite this finding, the owner of the white car was never identified, and for this reason theorists suppose that the driver of the Uno was involved in Diana’s assassination plot.

The Ambulance

Another strange irregularity is that the ambulance admitted Diana to a hospital 1 hour and 43 minutes after the crash, though the hospital was just 3.8 miles away.

The ambulance also passed five other, closer hospitals in order to deliver Diana to the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital.

The slow speed of the ambulance is said to be to prevent her from entering cardiac arrest, and the choice of hospital made because of its expertise in treating chest trauma; however, skeptics hold that the slow response is evidence that medical treatment was withheld from Diana after failing to kill her in the accident outright.

The Flash

A witness came forward during the investigation who claimed to have been driving through the tunnel at the same time as Diana’s car.

He said he had seen an intense flash of white light, which could have blinded Paul and caused the vehicle to crash. Such blinding devices do exist, and looking into one can blind a person for a minute.

Soon it was discovered that the British secret service, M16 had been planning to use such a device to cause a fatal car crash in a tunnel to target former Yugoslavian leader Milosevic.

However, the witness that had reported the flash of light was ultimately deemed to be unreliable.


But why would anyone want to kill Princess Diana? The conspiracy theories are numerous and creative, but the most likely theory claims that Diana’s death was planned by M16, the British secret service.

They propose that M16 aimed to kill Diana because of her new relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed, a Muslim and heir to Harrods, as their relationship had just begun to appear serious.

The paparazzi had been following the couple around Paris because they thought that Al-Fayed might propose. Al-Fayed did even pick up a ring from a local jeweler merely six hours before the two were killed.

A marriage to Dodi Al-Fayed, an Egyptian, would not have been viewed as favorable by the British government, as any children borne to Diana and Dodi could have been seen as a threat to the British since Diana is the mother of the future king.

Whatever the reason for Diana’s death, the mystery and conspiracy theories shrouding that fatal car accident have gained worldwide attention. It has inspired several books and documentaries, all of which seek to examine the true reasons behind why Princess Diana was killed.

As of now, the conspiracy theories remain theories, but those that were grieved and shocked by the Princess’ death will almost certainly continue to seek reasons for her sudden and violent death.

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  1. Hi Chris, I just read your article about the death of princess Diana. Very interesting. I never wanted to think this, but I always felt that the death of Diana may have something to do with the powers that be in Britian. I always thought that it may not have been an accident. I was a big fan of Diana when I was younger, and her death I took very hard. You have a great site. I like all the conspiricy theory shows on cable television, so this site is very appealing. I think of myself as kind of a geek like you do, and the site I find very interesting. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Eric,

      There are so many people here in the UK that believe there was more to her death than was published…at the end of the day there is no such thing as a coincidence right?

      When a death of this magnitude happens it’s always going to be hard to get to the truth – just take a look at JFK and what happened there!

      Great to hear that you like the site Eric – hope you enjoy the other conspiracy articles we have on offer here 🙂

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