Why Was Stonehenge Built?

Why Was Stonehenge Built?

One of the most infamous mysteries of the world – why was Stonehenge built?

Was it the result of clever alien architecture, a spiritual temple or even a Celtic burial ground?

Let’s take a closer look…


Standing proudly in Wiltshire, in the southwest region of England, Stonehenge dates back to approximately 2000 BCE.

The huge stones are thought to weigh around the 50,000 pounds mark, and were apparently transported over 200 miles to the site in Wiltshire.

How did the construction of this monument manage to take place in the prehistoric era – man had not even got his head around the horse and cart concept?

That’s nearly 100 massive rocks…transported over 200 miles…then somehow arranged in a mystical order!

Why was Stonehenge built?


A ‘Special’ Burial Ground

Recent studies seem to point to the fact that this unique set of stones could have been constructed as a burial ground for important, or ‘elite’ families.

A total of 63 bodies that were found at the site, were analysed, and the results leaned towards the fact that the first monument was originally a graveyard for a community of special (powerful) families.

Healing Properties

A study by archaeologists Geoffrey Wainwright and Timothy Darvill in 2008 came to the conclusion that the site could have been a central point for mystical healing powers.

They believe that the various chipping of rocks points to the fact that the monument was treated much like the French commune Lourdes – an area that was also famed for its supposed miraculous healing powers.

The Rock Calculator

Astronomer Gerald Hawkins came to the conclusion that Stonehenge could well have acted as some sort of computer, back in 1963.

He believed that the stone setup acted as an ancient computer for predicting eclipses of the sun and moon.

Hawkins indicated that up to 165 points at the site seem to correlate with the rising and setting positions of the sun and moon.

Built by Aliens?

Erich von Däniken is a famous Swiss author who penned the book Chariots of the Gods. He is a big believer in the idea that ancient aliens handed early man certain technologies and religions.

These technologies were apparently behind the construction of Egyptian pyramids, Easter Island and of course – Stonehenge.

A Druid Temple?

History tells us that antiquary John Aubrey surveyed Stonehenge in the late 17th century. His studies led him to believe that many of the stone monuments in Britain, were built by the native inhabitants.

We now know that the only prehistoric British priests about at that time were the Druids – was Stonehenge used as a Druid temple?

Why Was Stonehenge Built?

What are your views on the subject – do you have an angle on Stonehenge that we haven’t covered above?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

6 comments on “Why Was Stonehenge Built?

  1. I love people who put the time and effort into investigative journalism if that is the correct terminology for this. As someone who has been to places such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza, there is just so much that is unexplained in our world that just completely blows ones mind.

    Do you think that modern science will be able to debunk some of the mysteries of our world or should we be focused more on investigating the past and the keys that might lay there?

    1. I’m not one for science really Richard – this site probably shows that! 🙂

      I think we’ll find more by delving into the past…

  2. I think we humans are highly capable to do great feats. It is just a lost of these information when ancestors were wiped off by nature. Humanity has gone through many dark ages. Each dark age has its losses for every civilization. Fortunately we have what we have today but may not be the same as the ancient technology which lost in eternity. I think the pyramids has some clue but hidden by the government I guess. Solve the pyramids and you can solve the Stonehenge.

  3. I like your explanations, I’m usually especially drawn to the druid temple option or the sun calculator. But… And this may or may not have to do with the current popular show Outlander, but maybe under special circumstances it could even be a portal into a different time or place? I’d certainly like to believe that it has some sort of special meaning other than just being a burial ground for important families.

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