X Ray Vision Girl – Natasha Demkina


X Ray Vision Girl - Natasha Demkina

I first came across the subject of the the X Ray vision girl back in 2008 when I stumbled across an article covering Natasha Demkina on skeptic website.

I seriously thought by now that there would be some sort of release statement on a hoax or clear explanation but it would seem that the subject is still inconclusive…

The X Ray Vision Girl

X RayNatasha Demkina’s full name is Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina and she was born in Saransk, western Russia, in 1987.

Her paranormal power seems to stem from an operation she had in when she was ten involving the removal of her appendix.

Since this time she has displayed the truly amazing power of being able to look into a persons body and locate various illnesses. Her claim is that:

“for a fraction of a second, I see a colorful picture inside the person and then I start to analyze it”

At first these powers were obviously met with uproar so doctors in her home town decided to put her to the test. They took her into a local kid’s hospital and let her loose on the young patients. She correctly diagnosed many of the children and even discovered that one of the doctors was seriously ill…

Drawing Pictures

The x ray vision girl uses pictures to show doctors what she has located inside people’s bodies. By using this system she corrected a misdiagnosis made by a doctor at the hospital on a female patient.

This female had apparently been told she had cancer but when Natasha took a look at her all she could find was a small cyst. This led at a second diagnosis by doctors where they revealed Natasha was right and the woman was indeed clear of cancer.

The Media

This fantastic story could not remain ‘local’ for long and in 2003 a newspaper picked up on her exploits. This led to the story reaching the UK through the newspaper The Sun.

Reporter Briony Warden brought Natasha over to the UK for the purposes of testing her for an article in The Sun in 2004. Warden himself had suffered numerous injuries after a car accident the year before so he decided to use himself as a test subject. Natasha managed to locate evidence of these injuries.

The Sun Newspaper

She was then invited on the This Morning T.V. show where she met the resident doctor ‘Doctor Chris’. After a live discussion with him she revealed that he was suffering from various ailments including ‘gall stones, kidney stones, and enlarged liver and an enlarged pancreas’.

This news obviously hit Doctor Chris hard and he took no chances – he got himself checked out! He found out that there was a possible tumor in his intestines but he was not suffering from anything life threatening ( thankfully! ).

The Discovery Channel

The most famous public incident involving the X Ray vision girl came about in 2004 when The Discovery Channel decided to test her in New York. It was all part of a documentary they were filming on Natasha’s powers entitled The Girl with X-Ray Eyes.

Ray Hyman and Richard Wiseman from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) headed the documentary along with Andrew Skolnick of the Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health.

Many witnesses believe the four hour test seems to have been set up to discredit Natasha from the start. There were seven patients and she had to diagnose at least five of them to pass the test – she ended up successfully diagnosing four of them.

This was apparently not good enough and she was told she had failed the test. Demkina herself was extremely critical of the conditions under which she had been tested. She also believed that she was harshly and rudely treated.

The research team responded to her claims by pointing out that one of the patients had a metal plate within their skull – why was this not picked up by the X Ray vision girl?


The controversial tests by The Discovery Channel led to more tests being carried out in Tokyo, Japan. Here she was tested by Professor Yoshio Machi of the Department of Electronics at Tokyo Denki University.

Tokyo Denki University
Tokyo Denki University

She didn’t go into these tests so blindly this time though – she made sure there were a few ground rules in place first:

  1. Every patient had to provide a ​medical certificate stating the condition of their health
  2. She was only to diagnose specific parts of the body
  3. She had to be informed in advance what parts of the body she was to be examining

This time Natasha passed the tests with flying colors in the process locating a prosthetic knee and discovering a woman was pregnant.

Making Money

There will always be supporters of the X Ray vision girl but at the same time there will also be skeptics to! Natalya Demkina still remains an extremely controversial subject.

This controversy has snowballed in recent years due to the fact she now charges people for readings. These readings only cost the equivalent of $13 but it soon adds up to a decent weekly wage.

What are your views on the X Ray vision girl? Do you think she has the power to diagnose the ill correctly? If so how did she develop these paranormal powers?

We would love to hear from you so please leave any opinions or comments in the section below!

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  1. You know the savant boy that you wrote an article on thatcaj see colors/numbers due to his autism/epilepsy? Maybe something happened to this young lady during her surgery that triggered a similar condition allowing her brain to do a similar thing? It just caught my eye that she says she can see colours in people’s bodies, just like that guy can see colours in the numbers allowing him to do profound things as well. There may be a link there somewhere, even if it is a stretch.

    1. I’m struggling to remember that article on the savant boy at the moment Kellie LOL – there’s so many published to this site! It’s a really good point though – there could well be some sort of link there…

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