YouTube Real UFO Sightings – Compilation

This is going to be our last post of 2016 (today it’s the 31st of December!) so I figured I’d throw out a video-article to mix things up a bit. I’m also slightly hung over so I felt like being a little bit lazy….

Anyways, this is a pretty cool compilation I found on the YouTube channel SandboxTEN and it’s titled Top 10 REAL UFO Sightings on News Compilation.

Now I KNOW how dodgy it is getting UFO or alien related videos off YouTube these days – for some reason people like to spend their time and money creating fake videos for…well…for no reason really…other than waste their own time and money!

But this is a pretty cool video made up of some really interesting clips – there’s actually SOME credibility to this offering…which makes a change in YouTube UFO circles!

Me attempting to explain the video above on a day like today is never going to work (hangover remember?) so I thought I would sort of ‘borrow’ the video description SandboxTEN put up there…

“This is a video compilation of captured UFO footage featured on live news broadcasts in 2016 and years before. The UFO caught on camera is claimed to be proof of intelligent alien life visiting earth. The footage include eye witness encounters/ first hand accounts of fully visible space crafts, lights in the sky and strange occurrences. These UFO caught on video/tape footage cannot be verified and are presented by you the viewer to choose to believe it or not.”

The video was only published on July the 29th, 2016, and it already has 2,749,535 views (at the time of writing this post!).

We all hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Well that’s about it for 2016 folks! Thanks so much for your continued support throughout the year.

What most of you don’t realize is that YOUR interaction with this site is the reason it ranks so well in Google’s results and why it gets spread through so many social platforms.

At the end of the day I just own this baby – you lot make it work!

So thank you very much for your comments – both positive and negative (you know who you are!).

Have a great 2017!

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