The Illuminati – One Of Many Powerful Organizations Who Secretly Controls The World

Presuming you are an all-time enthusiast of conspiracy theories notwithstanding the facts proving them otherwise,  the secret society of the Illuminati must not be unfamiliar to your ears. Do they factually exist or are they a complete scheme? Whether its existence has been backed up by concrete reasonings, it would still be fascinating to learn about its background and the reason why it is placed on the very spectrum of conspired theories

Who Are They And What Are They Thriving For 

The name Illuminati has long been circulating the world and was originally founded by German philosopher Adam Weishaupt back in the 1760s post rebelling against the Catholic faith while granted financial support by the International Bankers. Their greatest motive behind establishment till this very time and day of modern civilization is to achieve a “one world government” where they vanquish all religions and governments in their movement. 

Suppose you perceive this reasoning as too ordinary to precisely satisfy your liking for conspiracy, here is one that packs a punch. It is also mentioned that the Illuminati originates from a reptilian extraterrestrial race of whom interbred with humanity thousands of years ago. They strongly stood with the belief whereby their “center of power” is placed in the lower fourth dimension or some may call it the lower astral, which is too deemed the traditional home to folklore and mythical demons. 

What makes this claim more fascinating is that they affirmed the reason behind most European and American rulers’ perpetual power to govern their nation is due to their belongingness to this very alien breed, and are the Illuminati elites who have been striving for centuries to achieve one-world government. Apart from their obsession to interbreed with one another to conserve their alien genetic structure, they are also mercilessly obsessed with rituals, cold-blooded behaviors, territorialism, together with top-down hierarchical structure or a dictatorship in short.

What Must The Followers Of Illumination Believe In 

Illuminati excludes themselves from labels such as “church”, “religion”, “political group”, “online casino” or “charity organization”; but rather, a group of elites who undertake the mission to prosper the interests of human species in general. There is simply zero necessity for personal worship, morality, or belief. To simplify, the Illuminati does not have a say in their followers’ paths and decisions provided they are relevant with what they preach as “furthering the human species” without …

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The 4 Most Haunted Places in Malaysia

Do you believe in ghosts, spirits or demons? Does the mere mention of them make your skin crawl or are you one of those people that turn to logic and reasoning and say that everything can be explained by science? Are you a sceptic or a believer?

Malaysia, such a beautiful and happy place. A place full of life and love where everyone lives together in harmony. How can such a scenic country be home to some of the most haunted locations ever? 

Karak Highway

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Who has not heard the legends that surround this mystical highway. The Karak Highway connects two very popular tourist attractions, Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands. However, what most people think about when this highway is mentioned are the various spooky legends. The most popular one would have to be regarding the yellow Volkswagen. The story goes like this, you are driving along the long and lonely Karak Highway. Suddenly, you see a little yellow car driving slowly in front of you so you speed up and overtake the car. You are now driving on your merry way when you notice another yellow car in front of you. It looks like the same car from before but how can that be? You figure your mind must be playing tricks on you and you overtake the slow car. After a little while, there is that yellow car driving in front of you again. It is said that the yellow Volkswagen will continue to appear before the driver, causing him to keep speeding up to overtake the yellow tortoise car until eventually, he gets into an accident. Oh, and another fun fact, the impossible car does not have a driver. 

Kellie’s Castle

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This historic building is named after its owner, William Kellie Smith. The Scottish planter had intended to build the castle for his beloved wife, Agnes. Unfortunately, tragedy struck before his vision could be completed. William died from pneumonia and this caused construction to come to a standstill. Sadly, it was never continued and the castle looks more or less the way it did decades ago. Agnes never got to see the castle again either as she didn’t return to Malaya after her husband’s passing. The Perak State government has taken the initiative to make the place look a little nicer but no huge changes will be made in order to preserve this historic landmark. 

Although …

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Why Babies Can’t Remember Their Childhood


In today’s tips and guides on pregnancy for mothers to be, let’s keep the memories of your babies. By the way, do you remember any memories from when you were little? Perhaps, your 4 years-old birthday celebration or the first time you can read? Most people have little to no recollection of any events during their childhood. This lost memory is called infant (or infantile) amnesia. It is a term used for people who have no recollection of their childhood years, making it seem like amnesia. 

Infantile Amnesia

The inability of adults to recall early episodic memories, known as infantile amnesia, is linked to the fast forgetting that happens throughout development. Infantile amnesia is thought to be caused by underdevelopment of the baby’s brain, which prevents memory consolidation. Then, it can impact memory retrieval problems. 

The Possible Cause on How It Can Happen

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Although adults are unable to recall early memories, early-life events such as neglect or traumatic experiences can have a significant influence on adult behaviour and may predispose individuals to a variety of psychopathologies. It’s unclear how a brain that forgets quickly or isn’t yet capable of forming long-term memories can have such a long-lasting and significant impact. We review the literature and explain fresh data acquired in rats that reveals the enigma of infantile amnesia, with a special focus on the hippocampus memory system. Infantile amnesia, we believe, indicates a developmental crucial stage in which the learning system is learning how to learn and remember. 

Surprisingly, some people see their memories of them earlier than others. Some people can recall incidents from when they were two years old, while others have no recollection of anything that has happened to them in the last seven or eight years. Patchy footage appears roughly three-and-a-half times on average. Even more fascinating, there have been differences in forgetting from nation to country, with the typical start of our earliest memories varying by up to two years.

Investigation was Done 

Could this provide some hints to fill in the blanks? To discover this, Cornell University psychologist Qi Wang gathered hundreds of recollections from Chinese and American college students. American stories were longer, more detailed, and more overtly narcissistic, as stereotypes predicted. Chinese stories, on the other hand, were shorter and more accurate, and they started six months later on average.

children in the swimming pool

Numerous more investigations have confirmed this trend. Memory recall appears to …

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The Mysteries of The Deep-Blue Sea

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Believe it or not, the sea makes up most of the world’s surface. Scientists and researchers have yet to understand the sea as a whole. There are still many parts of the sea that are yet to be discovered. The sea can be a blessing as well as a curse. Centuries ago, thousands of lives were lost to the sea. Even with the advancement of society, it still takes lives as it would like. These researchers have to face the fierce nature of the sea as it envelops them in storms, raging waters and heavy rainfall. They have to be gone for long lengths of time just to carry out their investigations. During these long periods of time, they tend to leave their partners behind. If you are in a similar situation and want to ensure your partner is satisfied while you are gone, purchase Sex Toys Malaysia

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Since the sea is incredibly dangerous and risky, it is not surprising to find out that there are several mysteries attached to it. Mystery usually stems from fear, unresolved stories or just fascination. Mysteries are also theories that come with a certain amount of truth with it. Either way, the sea has some of the most interesting mysteries. Some old, and some new. Assuming that you are one of the people who enjoy a good mystery, hold on tight as this article ventures into the unresolved, bizarre and maybe chilling mysteries of the deep. 

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Yonaguni Monument

One of the more recent discoveries of human society, the Yonaguni Monument remains a mystery to all. The monument came to the knowledge of humans when a local Japanese diver stumbled upon it in 1986. Ever heard of Atlantis?. Well, people began to compare Atlantis to the Yonaguni Monument because it replicates the structures of a lost civilization. The basis of this reasoning depends on the symmetrical form the monument presents. It is incredibly symmetrical to the point that most believe it to be a man-made structure. These ‘step-like’ structures allowed academics and experts to come to a conclusion that the monument was most likely built by humans over a couple of hundred centuries ago. Masaaki Kimura belongs to that group of people. The marine geologist suggests that the remains belong to a 5,000-year-old-city. You would think that the issue was solved there. But, mysteries aren’t mysteries if they have proper conclusions. 

Robert Shoch, a …

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Five Places of Unexplained Mystery

The world contains a lot of wonders. There are lots of mystery places all over the world. Through historians and archaeologists, many places are yet to be explored and read about. In this list, there are five mystery places. These places spark wonder and mystery. Let’s go through all five of them. 

1. Mohenjo-Daro 

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The remains of this ancient city contain a wealth of information about the humans who once lived there. However, archaeologists are equally interested in what might be missing from the site. There have been no religious or government structures discovered. What exactly does this imply? Experts believe that the individuals who lived there belonged to a basically egalitarian society. 

The tombs, which were built between the fourth and seventh centuries, are thought by some academics to have been built as final resting places for Berber nobility, though no one knows for sure. It is a mystery. However, Algerian authorities and archaeologists are currently working to have the Jeddars declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the hopes of ensuring their preservation and research. The mystery of Mohenjaro-Daro still lingers. However, we can’t deny that it is a great mystery of the world. 

2. Karak Expressway or Lebuhraya Karak 

The second place on this list is Karak Expressway. This highway has many mysteries surrounding it. 

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Karak Expressway,  which is well-known and frequently the subject of inexplicable happenings in Malaysia, is located on the highway that connects the towns of Kuala Lumpur and Karak. Most people who take this nightmare route say they frequently witness school-dressed children waiting for their mother who then vanishes in the blink of an eye. The child’s ghost is thought to be the spirit of a child who died in a school bus accident that flipped at an intersection. Aside from that, the Yellow Volkswagen vehicle was seen moving without the presence of a driver by the general public. The presence of a woman dressed in a red kebaya and a vampire were among the strange events that occurred. 

There are various versions of horror stories that have been heard when it comes to the Karak Highway. Lots of stories have been told. These mysterious stories were not only spread by word of mouth but were also filmed in 2011 by the KRU brothers. Yes, these stories have made it to screen. However, the extent of the truth or authenticity of the …

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The Mysterious Mandela Effect And How It Came To Be

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It is not unknown if a person misinterprets information when most people remember it differently. However, when the masses remember information the same, but it turns out that the truth is different, how is it even possible? This particular and strange occurrence is called the Mandela effect, and it will question your entire memory and existence. Some would say that the occurrence is explainable in terms of science, but others believe that a glitch in the system is involved, since how is it even possible that most of the public remember things differently when it is not? Today, we will uncover what exactly is the Mandela effect and how it came to be. 

The Origin

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The Mandela effect is when an individual or a group of people has a false recollection of an event. Fiona Broome originated the name “Mandela Effect” in 2009 when she built a website to document her observations of the phenomena. Broome was speaking at a seminar with others on how she recalled former South African president Nelson Mandela’s death in a South African jail in the 1980s.

Nelson Mandela, on the other hand, did not die in a jail in the 1980s; he died in 2013. Broome discovered that she was not alone when she began to speak with others about her recollections. Others recalled witnessing footage of his death on the news, as well as a speech delivered by his wife. Broome was taken aback by the fact that so many individuals could recall the same exact incident in such vivid detail, despite the fact that it had never occurred. Her publisher urged her to start a website to explore the Mandela Effect and other such instances.

Alternate Universes?

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One explanation concerning the Mandela effect’s origins comes from quantum physics, and it suggests that, rather than one chronology of events, alternative realities or universes may be occurring and merging with our timeline. Since the timeline has been manipulated as we shift between all of these different realities, this should result in groups of individuals having the same recollections. If this seems a little implausible to you, you’re not alone. Regrettably, the concept of other worlds is impossible to disprove, which means that there is no method to show that they do not exist. This is why the Mandela effect groups continue to believe in such a far-fetched hypothesis. Because you can’t actually prove …

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Unsolved Mysterious in The World History

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Unsolved Mysterious. Some of these mysterious had happened decades ago and yet they still remain unsolved until this year. Some said that these mysterious are the only urban legend that was being told to scare people and some said that these mysterious are a true event that is still being unsolved up to this day. Whatever truth it is, we gotta thank the Internet because with the Internet existence we can still read on news about all of these unsolved mysteries that had happened all around the world. To read and discover more about these unsolved mysteries you need to apply Unifi so that you can easily discover more of these spooky mysteries. 

Prepare for your hair to stand on end as you listen to seven unsolved mysteries, which are among the most terrifying we’ve ever heard. From horror to crime, all of these stories still remain unsolved mysteries. 

The Incident at Dyatlov Pass

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Nine ski-hikers died unexpectedly in the mountains of what is now Russia on the first night of February 1959. The party had set up camp on a slope the night of the tragedy, eaten dinner, and prepared for sleep but something went horribly wrong, and the group never returned. The hikers’ abandoned tent, which had been torn apart from the inside, was discovered on February 26. Footprints left by the group around the spot, some in socks, some in a single shoe, and others barefoot, all of which proceeded to the edge of a neighbouring wood. The first two victims were discovered there, shoeless and barely wearing underpants.

Jack the Ripper 

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We all know about the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper, throughout the decade the story of this serial killer is being told all over the world. But what remains as a mystery is that we never know who is Jack the Ripper? The only thing that we know is in 1888, Jack the Ripper mutilated the bodies of at least five women in London. A series of letters purporting to be from Jack the Ripper was sent to police, mocking their efforts to discover him. (Whether any of them were written by Jack the Ripper is a point of contention among academics.) These letters gave rise to the moniker “Jack the Ripper.”  Needless to say, the Ripper was never located, and scores of persons have been suggested as plausible suspects throughout the …

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MH370 Becomes the Unexplained Cold Case


How can an aircraft simply vanish into thin air? Even after seven years later, we only have little to no information as to what and how it happened. This is not just a simple mystery, it is the world’s greatest aviation mysteries.

Can this happen again in the future?

Why hasn't MH370 been found? | Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 | The Guardian

We don’t know what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. That’s a risky statement since air crash investigators believe in never giving up until they find the explanation.

Despite this, Malaysian authorities have shut off their investigation into the loss of their Boeing 777 with 239 onboard. That goes against the grain of every inquiry. A crash must be investigated to determine whether a human or mechanical fault (or a mix of both) exists.

This is important because flying has only become so safe since this issue has been addressed over many decades in an exacting process. Every part of planes are built so strongly with frame structure machining malaysia. Every crash was investigated until its cause was proven without question in hope that there would not be another case like MH370.

What Is So Disturbing about MH370?

After seven years with no trace, the flight has joined the gallery of ghosts. The world’s greatest aviation mysteries have taken on a new cultural dimension. This will draw many storylines in the future, from reasonable to crazy.

Clearly, this is not a pleasant place. Nobody wants to be a part of a long-running mystery. The list of casualties dates back to the beginnings of flying and contains many long-forgotten names. Most of the names are remnants of a period when aviation safety was still a work in progress. The machines were simple. Often, the risks were irresponsible. Flying has several flaws. Every death carried a lesson for the future.

No other mode of travel has caused such spectacularly horrific deaths. The abrupt, random, and brutal character of aviation accidents heightened public awareness, making air travel seem more hazardous than it really was.

The amount of risk tolerated in commercial aviation over its first five decades is considered unacceptable nowadays. Every year, almost 4 billion people board scheduled commercial flights across the globe, virtually completely risk-free.

Every aviation accident has a hurry to blame. Throughout this story, we have seen the desire to assign blame arise from a number of sources, from those seeking to avoid accountability to the affected families.…

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The Law And Paranormal Activity

adjudication decision

There are many instances where the law and the court have had to become involved in paranormal cases. It is difficult to set the parameters of the law around such instances where other-worldly forces are deemed to be the threat or held responsible. While the court works with factual information and scientific data, it is not always enough to substantiate certain cases. Courts have to be sensitive to cultural beliefs, not only western perceptions of spiritual activity.

The law, which must remain a constant and consistent point of reference, is sometimes forced to accommodate factors that are beyond the court. In this article, several instances of the law and spiritual activity are shown to interact. While the court tends to separate itself from the ideals of paranormal activity, it is interesting to discover how much of it originates from supernatural activity.

Possession And The Court

 adjudication decision

In India, cultural beliefs sustain the norm of spiritual possessions that act against the will of the body possessed. Therefore, the law has difficulties navigating the perpetrator of the crime committed and establishing whether the individual accused was of sound mind or not. Superstition is a large part of the religions that dominate India. Therefore, there are laws in place to attend to these beliefs, as well. What may be recognised as hysteria or a personality disorder  in the West is attributed to spiritual entities in the East. Thus when the law is applied there are measured steps to ensure that justice is served where needed.

There are several cases where an adjudication decision could not be reached because of the spiritual nature involved. Finding middle ground was impossible. While, at times, justice was served, it was a trying route. In one case, the accused stated that she was possessed by an other-worldly entity when she committed the crimes under the spiritual influence of her husband. The court, then, had to establish whether the grounds of her statement were based on insanity or genuine belief of being possessed.

Haunted Houses And The Law

Finding objective grounds in cases of ghosts and haunted houses is complex and delicate. The court has had to ask itself how to deliberate the cases, as it comes into question whether one’s religious beliefs in the Divine were therefore, supposed insanity. Are the followers of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and the many other religions across the globe therefore suffering from mental dilapidation? …

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Most Haunted Place in Malaysia

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Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever heard about paranormal activities and what they usually found during the “haunting tour”?

Some say that ghosts and paranormal events are not true, some say it is just a psychological game and some might say there are scientific explanations behind the existence of ghosts. It all depends on what they believe and their knowledge limitations. According to CCBC, the investigation of paranormal occurrences has a long and fascinating history. Many ancient religious convictions are founded on paranormal research, and many ancient civilizations’ metaphysics contained pantheons of ghosts, spirits, fairies, aliens, higher forces, and other supernatural phenomena.

Before I start listing down the haunted places in Malaysia, I will talk about some myths about paranormal events or ghosts that people might not know.

First of all, many people think that only old buildings will be haunted but that is not right. I have seen cases of new buildings being haunted because they are not occupied by any human beings. Some places like hospitals, asylums, hotels, forests and even roads are commonly haunted by ghosts ever heard of Karak Highway’s story? Yes, that is an example of a haunted road. Next is about how ghosts will just come out at night. In movies maybe they will only come out at night. But in real life stories, ghosts are actually there every time. If that is their place, they will always be there whether you can see them or not.  

Now I will share about 5 haunted places in Malaysia and a little bit about the story behind the haunted place.

Mona Fandey’s House

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“I will never die”- Mona Fandey

Mona Fandey is a name that no Malaysians could forget. The history of Mona Fandey from the day before the incident happened and even after the day of execution will always be in the memories of all Malaysians who were alive during that time. Her house is said to be haunted due to the case where she murdered one Malaysian’s politician, Mazlan Idris.

Some news mentioned that she practiced black magic rituals in order to murder the politician. Even the most adventurous ghostbusters and ghostly investigators have stated that the abandoned home still has an extremely evil vibe. And we don’t expect things to change very soon, as it is one of Malaysia’s most stigmatized properties. It is reportedly that the dark energy is still …

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Unsolved Mysteries Parents Can’t Figure Out

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Any horror enthusiast understands that innocence in a horror scenario drives the story. When a young child is able to see the ghosts lingering in the hallway, or feel the presence of something other-worldly. But there are a few scary situations that seem fictitious, but are known to have happened in real life. If you’re a parent, you dread the day you realize that you have been given the wrong baby or perhaps an eerie moment where your child speaks to you about a relative they shouldn’t know about. What is scarier, however, is the moment you, too, are able to hear or see what your children were referring to.

Switched At Birth

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In maternal wards when babies are born, they are tagged and placed in a unit for close monitoring with other babies. The doctors and nurses have a thorough way of tagging the babies so that each baby goes to their respective parents, however incidents of taking the wrong baby home are more common than you think. In 1978, this happened to Robert May. His wife, Barbara May gave birth to a daughter they called Kimberly. Unfortunately, Barbara passed on two years later. Robert May remarried a woman named Mary, however after a rough relationship they parted ways as divorcees. 

A year later, it was discovered that a different baby named Arlene Twigg had passed on due to heart issues. Medical tests indicated that she was not the biological daughter of the parents who had been raising her. Kimberly May was ten years old when The Twiggs found out that she was their biological daughter. The nurse who had been in the delivery of Kimberly May later confessed that the doctor had ordered the switch to give Barbara a chance to have a healthy baby before she died. However, no action was taken and the truth of what happened the day of Kimberly May’s birth still remains a mystery. 

Kids Seeing Spirits

Numerous horror movies use themes of innocence, purity and children to propel a story and enhance the fear factor. Children are, in some fables and cultures, known as the gatekeepers to the spirit world– they have access to the real world and the mysterious Other Side. When children claim to see ghosts and spirits, parents often brush it off as an overactive imagination. But the number of his cases are enough to have you wondering …

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